{Disarmed} Earlier than ever: Samsung Galaxy S21 series gets November 2021 update in Germany [G99xBXXS3AUJ7]

Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is just outdoing itself when it comes to distributing security updates. The November 2021 update is already available today for the current flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Today we only have October 25th! So Samsung is there as early as never before with the update!

The new update is currently being rolled out in Germany. The latest software update for the Galaxy S21 series comes with firmware version G99xBXXS3AUJ7 and contains the November 2021 security patch. However, Samsung has not provided any information about which security holes have been closed with the new update.

So if you own one of the devices from the Galaxy S21 series, you should have already received a notification about the new update. If not, you can check it manually by going to Settings -> Software Update and tapping Download and Install.

As always, the November 2021 update for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be distributed to users in waves. So it can take a while for one or the other of you.


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