{Disarmed} Corona warning app 2.13 is announced, these innovations are to be expected

Corona warning app

Version 2.12 of the Corona Warning app was only rolled out yesterday, and there are now the first indications of what we can expect with version 2.13 and which innovations can be expected. The first information about the upcoming version of the warning app has now been published on Github.

There won't be any major changes with the new version, mainly bugs have been fixed. What is new is that the 7-day hospitalization rate can be displayed in the info tiles in the app, at the country level. For this you have to select the right district. The changelog looks like this:

Corona warning app 2.13 Changelog

  • Local 7-day hospitalization incidence
    On the local tiles for the 7-day incidence of new infections, the 7-day incidence of hospitalization is now also displayed. Since this key figure is only available at the state level, the hospitalization for the respective state is displayed when a district is selected
  • Changed the link to Frequently Asked Questions
    If you call up the frequently asked questions in the app, you will now be directed to the pages under coronawarn.app. There you will find more details about your questions.
  • Assignment of certificates
    The assignment of certificates to persons has been made more fault-tolerant. The app now ignores a different number of spaces in the name, so that the certificates can be assigned to the same person regardless of this.
  • Restore certificates
    Removed certificates are moved to a trash. You can restore them within 30 days.

Github | Caschy's blog

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