{Disarmed} CameraX Exposure Compensation API is designed to provide better photos for third-party camera apps

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Some people are not satisfied with the pre-installed camera app on their smartphone. There are many third-party apps in the Google Play Store that promise better results. Which, unfortunately, is not always the case.

Google wants to make life a little easier for the developers of such camera apps and provides interfaces for third-party apps. The new CameraX Exposure Compensation API is intended to help these apps to take better pictures much more easily.

The camera in particular has now become the most important feature of a smartphone, and the manufacturers of the devices keep outbidding each other in the megapixel craze. But what use is that if the software for the camera app is no good ?! Thanks to the CameraX API, this should no longer happen soon.

There are currently only a few third-party camera apps out there that really do what they say they do. The best solutions are still achieved with a ported GCam from Google, I think.


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