Declaration of war in the CO2 network: Smartmobil launches new LTE tariffs

Declaration of war in the CO2 network: Smartmobil launches new LTE tariffs

There is movement in the tariff structures in the O2 network. The mobile communications discounter Smartmobil has launched two new tariffs and is thus expanding its own range. Customers and those who want to become one expect LTE tariffs with 10 and 15 GB, with which the CO2 network is available at a lower price.

Something is happening at Smartmobil. The mobile phone discounter has revised its tariff structure and created space for two new offers. They convince with a reasonable price-performance ratio. When it comes to the monthly price, they undercut tariffs with a comparable data volume of O2, but whose network LTE customers at Smartmobil use to the full. Smartmobil keeps what you have to do as a discount provider.

Smartmobil sets new tariffs in the o2-Net: Allnet-Flats with 10 and 15 GB

The tariffs LTE 10 GB and LTE 15 GB are being restarted . Both contain an SMS and telephone flat rate in all German landline and mobile networks as well as EU roaming. Download speeds of up to 50 Mbit / s are possible, the upload is limited to 32 Mbit / s.

For the variant with 10 GB high-speed data volume, Smartmobil charges 9.99 euros per month. If you want 15 GB, you will be asked to pay 15.99 euros per month . As an exception, the lower tariff offers you the better price per GB.

Smartmobil does not offer an absolute bargain with the new contracts. However, customers are definitely on the cheaper side of the term tariffs - also because there is no connection fee for a term of 24 months. Those who prefer to stay flexible pay the same monthly price , but have to factor in a deployment price of 29.99 euros.

Automatic data control: Smartmobil customers must be aware of the pitfalls

There is also a small pitfall or a practical feature - depending on your point of view - that customers need to know about: With the Smartmobil tariffs, automatic data is activated by default. So if you reach the limit of your contained data volume of 10 GB or 15 GB, 500 MB will be booked automatically. This costs you another 2 euros and can happen up to three times a month, after which your speed will be throttled to 64 kbit / s. If you don't want to pay extra, you have to take action yourself and switch off the automatic data control.

However, you can save if you take your old phone number with you. Smartmobil gives a bonus of 6.82 euros for this. This can be offset against tariff costs (additional options), but not paid out.

If you want to get a cheap smartphone, you will find the best bargains in our video :

If you are clear about the conditions, you can book an interesting tariff with Smartmobil, which is also sufficient for medium to high data consumption. If you want to pay much less, you will find alternatives in our tariff overview. If you need significantly more data volume, a contract without a limit would also be conceivable.


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