Congstar starts subscription for Apple fans - bookable with or without tariff

Congstar starts subscription for Apple fans - bookable with or without tariff

Would you like some basic equipment from Apple? They are now available from the mobile operator Congstar. If the purchase is too expensive for you or if you want to be sure to have the latest product ready quickly, you can rent Apple hardware on a subscription basis. You can choose from more than just the current iPhone.

Congstar starts subscription offer: iPhone and iPad with or without tariff

A few weeks after the introduction of the latest iPhone generation, it can take a little longer in retail for the new top smartphone to arrive. Exactly the right time to look around for alternatives - Congstar probably thought too. The Telekom subsidiary goes one step further and offers a whole range of Apple devices in a new subscription.

First of all: There is no guarantee that the longer delivery times for popular Apple devices such as the iPhone 13 with Congstar will be avoided. However, it may well be that large customers have a decent contingent available.

In the Apple subscription at Congstar you will find the four current versions of the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 in the standard version and the iPhone SE 2020. In addition, the 4th generation iPad Air and the iPad Pro 2021 are offered in both sizes. According to Congstar, Apple Watches should also be available by subscription. However, they are currently not displayed on the associated action page. In combination, customers can opt for other Apple accessories such as the AirPods Pro.

All subscription offers can be taken out in combination with a Congstar tariff or without it. A small stumbling block: If you take out a mobile phone tariff via Congstar, you can opt for a variant with no term. The subscription contracts for Apple hardware, however, are concluded with C2 Circle as a partner and have terms of two to three years.

Do you need help choosing the right iPhone? The video gives an overview of the 13 series:

Even with Congstar: For the iPhone 13, people dig deep into their pockets

The subscription prices depend on the choice of hardware. With 18.90 euros per month, the iPhone SE 2020 (see Congstar) is the cheapest. Congstar always shows the prices without a mobile phone contract. Combining the two is more expensive. The highest monthly rent for the iPhone 13 Pro Max is, of course, 41.50 euros per month without a contract (see Congstar).

After the subscription period has expired, you can opt for new hardware, buy the selected device for a remaining amount - earlier if you are interested - or send it back. In the latter case , the subscription ends . Accessories like AirPods are the exception here: after 12 monthly payments, they are yours.


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