Chrome for Android: Practical feature makes the browser better

Chrome for Android: Practical feature makes the browser better

Google is working on a new feature for the Chrome mobile browser on Android. The website currently displayed can be enlarged or reduced using the page zoom. This is based on Apple's solution for the Safari browser.

Chrome for Android: New page zoom planned

A new way to zoom has appeared in the source code of Chrome for Android. It has not yet been finally released, but the useful feature should be popular with Android users of the browser in the near future. The newly launched page zoom makes it possible to simply display websites larger or, if necessary, smaller.

The page zoom is basically designed as an operating aid for the visually impaired, but users with very good eyesight should also benefit from it. If the font is too small, it can easily be made more legible . The mobile Chrome browser also remembers the setting for the next page view. However, it is not a global setting (source: Leo Varela at Reddit).

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Neither the developers nor some users were satisfied with the previous zoom solution, as there were sometimes problems with scaling . Now it seems that Apple's Safari browser has been used as a guide, where the zoom works much better.

In order to test the page zoom now, Google Chrome Canary must be installed as an experimental version of the browser. There the new zoom can be activated in the Chrome flags under "Accessibility Page Zoom".

Mobile Chrome browser: QR codes from links

In addition to the page zoom, Google is testing another function with Chrome for Android. Here it will soon be possible to create QR codes directly from links . So far this has only been possible for pages and images. To create a link, press and hold and then select "Create QR code from this link" in the context menu.


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