Buy Christmas gifts now? Why is that a good idea this year

Buy Christmas gifts now? Why is that a good idea this year

Christmas won't take place for a few weeks. I buy the presents shortly beforehand. Anyone who relies on this motto this year could experience a very nasty surprise. At Christmas 2021, popular gifts will be in short supply if you wait too long to buy them.

Certain gifts could be scarce at Christmas

According to the Ifo Institute, 74 percent of retailers are already complaining about delivery problems with certain products (source: Spiegel). So far, the effects have been felt much more clearly in other areas . The auto industry was hit particularly hard. The lack of chips means that you have to wait months, if not more than a year, for your car. The bicycle trade also complains of massive delivery problems and we don't even have to talk about the price of wood.

At Christmas, the delivery problems will also spread to gifts in a wide variety of industries. If you wait too long , in the worst case you will no longer get what you actually want to give away . Especially with global logistics, the worm is currently in and delivery times are greatly increased. The prices for transport are also rising, which will result in higher prices. Even Apple has to massively reduce production of the iPhone 13. The new smartphones are already hard to come by. How is that supposed to be just before Christmas?

So if you already know what to give away or what to be given, you should communicate this early on. At the latest by Black Friday 2021 at the end of November you should strike, so as not to be disappointed a month later, if you suddenly cannot get everything or if the prices have jumped massively due to the shortage . The first offers are already available.

What you need to know about Black Friday, we'll tell you in the video :

Trade association does not fear empty shelves for Christmas

The trade association tries to appease. At Christmas there are no empty shelves and everyone will find a gift. But even there they confirm that particularly new and popular products can become scarce due to delivery problems.

Our tip: With family and friends , think about what you want now . There is of course no shortage of gifts that you have made yourself. But if you have something or want to give away something that is relatively new and popular, the best thing to do is to buy it straight away. I myself always buy gifts early and then shortly before Christmas I don't have any problems having to get something at the last minute.


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