Black Shark 4S Pro, its first features revealed

Black Shark, that manufacturer that we all know thanks to Xiaomi, will soon launch what will apparently be called Black Shark 4S Pro , a terminal even more powerful than the Black Shark 4 Pro itself , of which we also already know its first characteristics.

According to the latest rumors and certifications, the Black Shark 4S Pro will have the powerful Snapdragon 888 Plus , thus throwing off a most interesting potential and that will undoubtedly delight all those who seek to be able to play the most fluent games with the greatest fluidity. demanding.

Black Shark 4S Pro, this would be its characteristics

If we take into account the latest details that have been leaked online, the Black Shark 4S Pro will not only surprise for its powerful processor, but also for having an OLED screen capable of reaching 144Hz refresh rate .

 Black Shark 4S Pro, sus primeras características al descubierto. Noticias Xiaomi A
Black Shark 4 Pro

In addition, the Black Shark 4S Pro would bring with it a battery with support for fast charging of 120W , thus allowing a full charge of 100% in a few minutes, around 12 or 15 minutes.

Beyond that, everything indicates that the Black Shark 4S Pro will be presented throughout this month or at the latest in November , giving way after the Black Shark 5 that would already bring the next generation of high-end processors from Qualcomm.

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