Autobahn App remains a failure, this update doesn t change anything

Autobahn App remains a failure, this update doesn t change anything

A dream start looks different: The federal autobahn app was launched in the summer, but has at best received malice and lousy reviews since then. That should change with the first major update, but the signs are bad.

The federal autobahn app is so far not a success story. To change that, those responsible want to start the first major update since the beginning of the summer in the first quarter of 2022 .

Autobahn app receives first update: It is not of use to many

The goal is clear: the app will be made "even more user-friendly and service-oriented" , explained a spokesman for Autobahn GmbH (source: dpa via Handelsblatt). The fact that you want to incorporate user feedback is actually a good sign. However, no concrete plans have yet been named.

An example: nationwide, you want to display free truck parking spaces in the Autobahn app . The "dynamic function" is useful, but this feature directly excludes many potential users. So far, no new or planned features have been announced for car drivers.

The easier search for a parking space for professional drivers is also not a new idea. It was announced at the start of the summer, so it is part of the planned standard repertoire of the app. This gives the Autobahn GmbH the impression that they wanted to publish the application as quickly as possible - albeit still unfinished.

In fact, that is exactly the plan: The Autobahn app is to be further developed "precisely and cost-effectively". You do not have the right to deliver a finished product right from the start . At the same time, Autobahn GmbH sees the download numbers so far as a sign of success: the app is said to have been downloaded and installed around 420,000 times.

Unfortunately, the Autobahn app doesn't make it onto the list of apps that everyone needs. You can find them in the video :

The reviews, however, speak a different language: In the Google Play Store, it only manages 2.3 stars. For iPhone owners, it does even worse with 1.9 stars .

Autobahn App 2.0: The big point of criticism remains

The Autobahn App 2.0 will probably not have an easy time of it next year either. Your only advantage so far remains: faster and sometimes exclusive access to data relating to traffic load and information, for example construction sites. The biggest point of criticism - that no dedicated navigation is provided - is evidently not intended to be eliminated. The benefits remain manageable.


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