AppLock has been updated, improving your privacy

We've been talking a lot about the Miui 12.5 Enhanced for a while now , as well as the upcoming Miui 13 release that we're all looking forward to.

Well now, among the various applications that we find in Miui, in terms of security, AppLock stands out, which has become a true indispensable for those who are concerned about the issue of their security and privacy.

actualizaciĆ³n de bloqueo de la aplicaciĆ³n xiaomi

Xiaomi's App Lock security application is updated

As we have mentioned in the past, Xiaomi smartphones have the possibility of hiding the apps that we have installed , as well as their notifications. Even, thanks to the updates, we can also hide videos and photos from our internal memory.

Another very useful tool in AppLock is to hide the app preview that is open in the background .

So what is the new AppLock update about?

Returning to the new AppLock application, the last of the updates implemented by Xiaomi has focused on improving its interaction, thus presenting a new interface for the user.

xiaomi app lock update

With this, the app is even easier to use , plus two biometric blocking options have been added, both to access and hide notifications.

A much simpler style of adding applications and hiding its notifications, just by activating a button .

Download the new version of Applock Security V5.6.6-210928.0.1

To install this new version of the Miui applock application, we just have to download the .apk below and install it as a normal application, and it will overwrite the one we currently have .

If we want to go back to the previous version, we just have to go to the applications section and look for it, once inside we will see an option that tells us " uninstall updates ".

  • Download the Security v5.6.6-210928.0.1 file from mega


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