Apple Watch Pro: is there anything else coming?

Apple Watch Pro: is there anything else coming?

There are special Pro devices to buy in almost all Apple product categories. Only with the Apple Watch is this not the case. Could this still change in the future? After all, a clear indication has now been discovered and revealed: The manufacturer has probably been thinking about an Apple Watch Pro for a long time.

Most recently, the iPhone manufacturer presented the Apple Watch Series 7, as well as the Apple Watch SE in the program since 2020. But an Apple Watch Pro has never been mentioned , although the name affix is ​​often used in product labeling.

Apple Watch Pro: There have been considerations for years

At least it is not entirely out of the question that Apple will introduce such a smartwatch in the future. Now comes out: Even in the first year of the Apple Watch, people thought about it. The matching word and image mark has now been discovered within various data for an Apple Watch demo in the Apple Store from 2015 (source: Apple demo on Twitter).

Within the folder there are further logos for the sports and edition models of the Californians' first smartwatch known to us. But there was an Apple Watch Pro then and still does not exist today. So what is this supposed to mean? It is possible that years ago they wanted to market the expensive stainless steel models as Pro versions , according to speculation. Of course, this is not certain, although it is obvious. Ultimately, however, the decision was made against it.

However, this "rejection" does not necessarily have to apply to the future. It is almost surprising that Apple has not yet launched a Pro version of the Smartwatch. After all, every category was considered otherwise. As a reminder, customers have a choice and can purchase the following professional devices:

MacBook Pro Mac Pro iMac Pro (available until March 2021, possibly new edition in 2022) iPhone 13 Pro (Max) iPad Pro AirPods Pro

The Apple Watch 7 ( here in the video ) has a slightly larger display, but there is no Pro version:

Apple Watch 8 XL = Apple Watch Pro?

Yes, even the first proprietary Apple chip for the Mac is now available in such a performance-enhanced version - the Apple M1 Pro. Basically, Apple uses the term "Pro" for its high-end products, these offer more functions than the standard model of the respective product and also have a different design. Who knows, maybe one is considering marketing the ominous Apple Watch 8 in the speculative XL version as Apple Watch Pro - it would be conceivable.


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