Apple Watch 8: This smartwatch is going to be a big thing

Apple Watch 8: This smartwatch is going to be a big thing

Even if the Apple Watch 8 is not expected until autumn 2022, rumors and speculations about the upcoming smartwatch can already be heard. So the Series 8 could be a pretty big thing.

The source and display expert Ross Young promises in a recent Tweet one in the truest sense of the word "big" surprise for the Apple Watch 8. One should namely not be surprised if this smart watch offered by Apple next year in three sizes ( Source: Ross Young).

Apple Watch 8: XL version of the smartwatch is quite conceivable

This would indeed be a first for Apple, because until now the respective models of the Smartwatch were only ever available in two case sizes. A third option would break this convention and go beyond previous limits. Even if it has not yet been said whether this third variant will actually be larger or perhaps also smaller, it seems logical that Apple should go a step further. After all: large and oversized watches are in great demand. Another model in XL would certainly make Apple more attractive in the eyes of no fewer customers.

Even with the new Apple Watch 7 - here in the video - the display got bigger:

The Apple Watch 7 already has a larger display, which is the second change in size for Apple in the history of the smartwatch. So far, Apple covered the following options:

Apple Watch Series 3 and before: 38 and 42 millimeters Apple Watch Series 4 and 5: 40 and 44 millimeters Apple Watch Series 7: 41 and 45 millimeters

Number 8 could actually get that big

According to the scheme, the Apple Watch 8 could possibly be available in sizes 41, 45 and maybe 49 mm . Provided that you decide on the current size spacing of the models. However, this is currently only pure speculation on our part. On the other hand, you can calculate with a large number of new sensors. The scene currently predicts, for example, a thermometer and the measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar. But there will only be certainty in a year's time.


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