Apple Watch 7: Smartwatch mystery apparently solved

Apple Watch 7: Smartwatch mystery apparently solved

A few weeks ago, a find in the course of the approval of the Apple Watch 7 caused speculation. Why is Apple installing a previously unmentioned wireless module? An assumption made at the time is now supported, the riddle is apparently solved.

In September, a mysterious find caused a headache. A radio module of the Apple Watch 7 that was not explicitly mentioned by Apple became known by the American regulatory authority (FCC). This uses the frequency range of 60.5 Hz and is intended to enable data exchange by means of a special, magnetic dock. The assumption at the time: Apple would use the feature for service work and possibly omit the previously used diagnostic connection. However, there was still no confirmation of this.

Apple Watch 7: Function of the secret radio module now obvious

This is now changing. The colleagues from MacRumors asked the first testers of the Apple Watch Series 7, including Dieter Bohn from The Verge, whether the diagnostic port below the wristband connection was still available. Nothing! Apple has now eliminated it (source: MacRumors). This means that the previous speculation about the secret radio module becomes a kind of confirmation and Apple should actually use the wireless connection for diagnostic purposes , for example to be able to reset the smartwatch.

What else does the Apple Watch 7 have to offer? Answers can be found in Apple's promotional video :

But why did Apple choose a wireless solution now? According to one of the colleagues' thoughts, the reason could have something to do with the new protection classification. According to Apple, the Apple Watch 7 is dust-proof for the first time according to IP6X, the removal of the diagnostic connector could perhaps have contributed to this to a certain extent.

New: aluminum instead of plastic

And another special find. The charging puck of the Apple Watch 7 is now made of aluminum instead of plastic (source: iMatteo). Apple had already confirmed the new connection - USB-C instead of USB-A. One reason for the changes to the charging puck can be found in the new fast charging option. In order to be able to charge the new Apple Watch 7 33 percent faster in the end, it also needs a USB-C power supply with at least 20 watts in addition to the new charging puck.


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