Apple Watch 7: Secret "emergency hammer" for the first time in pictures

Apple Watch 7: Secret

If nothing works, then you use the "emergency hammer". In a figurative sense, there is also one for the Apple Watch 7 - a well-kept secret. For the first time, pictures of it appear and illustrate Apple's approach in the event of a problem.

A few weeks ago, a radio module of the Apple Watch 7 that had not previously been documented by Apple became public. A connection with a possible diagnostic function was suspected. So far there was still a hidden connection in the previous Apple Watches, which is now missing. Ergo: You were spot on with the assumptions.

Apple Watch 7: Pictures show secret dock

At that time, the papers of the American approval authority FCC also mentioned a magnetic dock for reading out the information via radio or probably also to be able to reset the Apple Watch in this way. But there were no pictures or drawings of this "emergency hammer", Apple still made it a secret.

However, the Brazilian regulatory authority Anatel has now approved the Apple Watch Series 7 models and for the first time also made photos of the ominous dock available (source: MacMagazin). They show a two-part structure, not unlike a "vice".

A charging puck for the Apple Watch 7 is located in the lower component, above which the Apple Watch is clamped in another part and connected to the lower element and aligned accordingly with bolts . Apple would like to make sure that the Apple Watch does not lose the wireless connection to the charging puck in the event of a data transfer. Otherwise, according to our assumption, there is a risk of data loss or even "complete destruction" on the storage level. Exactly for this reason, for example, an iPhone update should only be carried out with a connected power supply unit when the battery capacity is low.

What can the new Apple Watch 7 do? The answer is in the video :

For internal use only

It is not known, by the way, if the Apple Watch 7's wireless data module could ever have an application for ordinary consumers. We think this is unlikely. At the moment and also for the future, the focus is on purely internal use at Apple - an "emergency hammer" that customers cannot use themselves, but the manufacturer can.


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