Apple Watch 7: Sales start of the smartwatch now officially

Apple Watch 7: Sales start of the smartwatch now officially

When the Apple Watch 7 was announced in September, the iPhone manufacturer could not or did not want to confirm a specific date for the start of sales. But now the manufacturer is finally breaking its silence.

Update from October 4, 2021: The assumptions were spot on. As Apple has just announced, the manufacturer will be accepting the first orders for the Apple Watch 7 in the Apple Online Store from Friday, October 8th (2 p.m.) (source: Apple). The smartwatch will be delivered a week later on October 15th, and then we'll also find it in stores. European prices have now also been communicated. In this country, the Apple Watch 7 costs from 429 euros and thus exactly as much as its predecessor.

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Actually one would have expected that Apple would be more specific for the new Smartwatch on the day of the launch. But nothing came of it, even today it is said succinctly about the availability of the Apple Watch 7: "All Apple Watch Series 7 models will be available later this fall."

Apple Watch 7: sales start in mid-October?

But what does that mean? In the worst case, we could have to wait until mid-December, after all, that's how long the calendar autumn lasts. But it doesn't come to that, at least if we believe Jon Prosser's words. The bustling Apple insider now reveals: Pre-orders could be accepted as early as calendar week 40 (in our estimation probably on Friday, October 8th) with an actual sales start or delivery in mid-October (source: Front Page Tech).

The new display of the Apple Watch 7 and its advantages are presented in the following video :

Prosser obtains his current knowledge from "according to information from several sources familiar with the publication", but of course does not name them directly for understandable reasons. In the past, the insider was often right, but he also had to admit misjudgments. So you should also view this message with the necessary skepticism, but you are welcome to hope that it is correct.

European prices not yet published

Apple has not yet revealed anything about the price in this country, but has already announced it for the USA. There the cheapest variant will cost 399 US dollars , so it takes over the price point of the predecessor. So you can expect similar prices in Germany as before. As a reminder, the Apple Watch 6 costs from 429 euros in this country.

For the aluminum models of the Apple Watch 7, customers can choose between five fresh colors: midnight, polar star, green, blue and red . The titanium edition models and the stainless steel versions are available in the previous color versions. Apple has not yet communicated prices for these model variants in the USA either.


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