Apple Watch 7: hobbyists reveal the last secret of the smartwatch

Apple Watch 7: hobbyists reveal the last secret of the smartwatch

So far, Apple has not commented specifically on the battery capacity of the new Apple Watch 7. A first teardown of the watch now answers last questions. Compared to its predecessor, the battery performance has only increased slightly.

Apple Watch 7: Teardown shows details about the battery

With new iPhones, the idea of ​​the Apple Watch 7 has almost disappeared. So it's no wonder that some important information is only now coming to light. The experts at iFixit have now taken a very close look at the Apple Watch 7 and dismantled it. There were no big surprises here, but at least the exact battery capacity is no longer a secret.

In the larger model with a diameter of 45 mm, iFixit comes to the conclusion that the capacity of the built-in battery is 309 mAh. In a direct comparison with the Apple Watch 6, this results in an increase of 1.6 percent (source: iFixit). However, this should not be noticeable in everyday life.

Things look a little different with the small Apple Watch 7, which has a size of 41 mm. Here, the increase is at least 6.8 percent if the 40 mm version of the Apple Watch 6 is seen as a reference point. The battery itself is a bit larger in the new Apple Watch 7. The advantage is likely to be negated by the somewhat larger and brighter display . A noticeably longer period of time until the watch has to be plugged in again is not to be expected.

In the video : This is what Apple's new smartwatch does.

Apple: The smartwatch's battery lasts for 18 hours

According to Apple, the battery of the seventh generation of the Apple Watch can last "up to 18 hours" . With an existing LTE connection, Apple assumes a talk time of "up to 1.5 hours". According to the manufacturer, it is "up to 11 hours" for music playback.


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