Apple Watch 7: Delivery dates are becoming a problem - you can still find them here

Apple Watch 7: Delivery dates are becoming a problem - you can still find them here

The Apple Watch 7 has been available to order from the manufacturer for a few days. However, if you only decide to buy now, you have to expect very long delivery times. But with a little luck you can get there even faster elsewhere.

Apple Watch 7: Buyers have to wait weeks at the manufacturer

As expected, the Apple Watch 7 is already in high demand shortly after the start of the order process. Only a few models are available when sales start on October 15, mostly in less popular colors and sizes. The larger models (45 mm), for example, are generally more in demand. But even the smaller version (41 mm) is often marked with long delivery times.

In the worst case, you have to expect waiting times between November 17th and 25th at Apple - a good 6 to 7 weeks . Is there no way out of this problem?

Possible way out: The new Smartwatch at Amazon and Co.

It is advisable to take a look at the authorized Apple dealers. Above all, Amazon was usually quite reliable in terms of forecast delivery times in the past. Currently, most of the model variations of the Apple Watch Series 7 are still confidently labeled on Amazon. You can read: "This article will be published on October 15, 2021." Since you can order "safely" from Amazon either way, you can already strike now and should receive a binding delivery date by the end of the week at the latest (see Apple Watch 7 on Amazon ). Disadvantage Amazon: Not all models are listed, apart from various bracelet variants, the Nike models are still missing for the time being.

The group sisters MediaMark t (see Apple Watch 7 at MediaMarkt) and Saturn (see Apple Watch 7 at Saturn) are initially confident and promise a flat-rate delivery "from the publication date October 15, 2021". You can also buy the Nike models here, but no stainless steel versions at the moment.

What has the manufacturer improved on the Apple Watch 7? We get an impression of this in the video :

At Cyberport (see Apple Watch 7 at Cyberport), on the other hand, all variants (aluminum, stainless steel, Nike +) are usually marked with availability on October 21 - a good week after the official start of sales. Means: Specific delivery times can only be expected at the end of the week.

The following applies: At Apple you definitely wait a few weeks now, an order from an authorized dealer is definitely worth a try. However, unauthorized dealers should be avoided at the moment , as they do not get their goods directly from Apple and have to queue at the back of the line. Ergo: According to all experience, you wait even longer.


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