Apple Watch 7: Amazon reveals the last secrets of the smartwatch

Apple Watch 7: Amazon reveals the last secrets of the smartwatch

The manufacturer is currently silent about the specific model configurations of the Apple Watch 7, but Amazon is now revealing more than Apple shortly before the start of the order. We can therefore expect the following color and bracelet combinations.

The iPhone manufacturer recently announced the start of orders and sales for the Apple Watch 7. According to this, it will start on October 8th at 2 p.m. our time, and the first deliveries should be made to customers a week later. From then on, Apple only revealed the starting price (429 euros), but was silent about specific basic configurations, i.e. the corresponding color and bracelet combinations of the Apple Watch Series 7 .

Apple Watch 7: Amazon revealed configurations in advance

Quite different from Amazon. The world's largest dealer briefly listed the respective models in the Canadian store - but without price or ordering option. After all, we now get knowledge of the model variations available from the start (source: Basic Apple Guy via 9to5Mac).

As a result, there is the aluminum model with silicone sports straps that are identical in color and have very imaginative names:

But the configurations of the stainless steel models were also revealed in advance. The following color and bracelet combinations are therefore available:

Where are the other variants?

However, there is no trace of the titanium version. This is not entirely surprising. Most likely, the edition models can only be purchased exclusively directly from Apple , but not in free trade. This probably also applies to the even more expensive Herm├Ęs models, which are only sold by Apple and the French luxury manufacturer. On the other hand, the Nike variants are likely to end up on Amazon again sooner or later, even if they have not yet appeared in advance.

What can the Apple Watch 7 do? The video provides information:

If you are interested in the Apple Watch 7 and would like to have it soon, you shouldn't wait too long to order. Reports already speak of an extremely short availability, so longer waiting times must be expected.


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