Apple speaks plainly: Why the new MacBook Pro has a notch

Apple speaks plainly: Why the new MacBook Pro has a notch

A recess at the top of the screen is common practice on iPhones and other smartphones. Now it also appears on the new MacBook Pro. Now Apple has justified what the notch is all about.

Many smartphones use a small recess at the top of the display, behind which the front camera is hidden. The recess has become significantly smaller over time, but is also clearly noticeable on the latest iPhone generation. When introducing the new MacBook Pro, interested parties quickly noticed that the notch is now also finding its way into Apple notebooks. Criticism was not long in coming.

Apple: Notch on the MacBook Pro provides more space

In an interview, Apple has now commented on the recess. According to the group, it is "an intelligent way" to offer users more space on the display . Due to the recess, the actual edges of the MacBook Pro can be made thinner, it is said. The menu bar of macOS, which has been moved up, also ensures that the actual content can be more in focus.

Apple's Shruti Haldea sums it up like this: "We actually made the display bigger . As with other 16-inch notebooks, you still have an active area of ​​16.0 inches diagonally in a 16:10-inch window, and we simply enlarged the display from there and attached the menu bar at the top "( Source: Same Brain on YouTube).

In the video : Everything you need to know about the new MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max.

New MacBook Pro: Edges a quarter thinner

According to Apple, the edges on the left and right sides of the display on the MacBook Pro are 24 percent thinner than on the previous generation. You now come to 3.5 mm. At the top, the frame is 60 percent thinner thanks to the recess and now also measures 3.5 mm.


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