Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi: Waiting for great offers is no good

Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi: Waiting for great offers is no good

You want a new iPhone, the Galaxy S21 or another smartphone from the top or middle class, but are you hoping for a good offer soon? The chances of this are slim; many manufacturers see tough times coming. Low prices are not to be expected at first.

Only a few weeks until Black Friday, the bargain mood is dampened one after the other: a lack of supplies is affecting companies worldwide and across all sectors, and the initial shortage of chips has long since become an extensive shortage of goods. The alarm bells have long been ringing for price-conscious customers.

Apple sees tough times coming: availability of almost all products is tense

The announcements from manufacturers such as Samsung or Apple don't read badly at all: The corporations surf the wave of success from one sales high to the next - no wonder, the demand is high. Meanwhile, availability looks different.

This is also confirmed by Apple: The iPhone manufacturer has presented more than solid figures for the past quarter, the new sales record rises to 83.4 billion US dollars. But that goes hand in hand with a clear warning: In the past quarter, the supply bottlenecks at Apple were "greater than expected" , according to CEO Tim Cook (source: Reuters).

Although they are working to improve the situation, Cook assumes that Apple will not be able to meet the demand for a long time. This applies not only to iPhones, but to practically all Apple products.

Apple is therefore not an isolated case: Samsung, for example, is currently benefiting from the situation because of the urgently needed chips that the South Koreans also manufacture. But the restrictions in the movement of goods persist and do not stop at Samsung, Xiaomi and Co., Google is groaning under the rush of the Pixel 6 Pro. The number of smartphones shipped worldwide recently fell by 6.7 percent compared to 2020 (source: Androidcentral).

Prices for smartphones and the like are stagnating at a high level

The situation is likely to be felt by customers in several ways: On the one hand, only devices that arrive in the shops can be sold. When ordering online, there is either no availability or long waiting times. The negative price development from the date of publication, which many customers have long been used to, should practically stop for the next few months.

Using the example of the Galaxy S21, the Idealo price comparison shows hardly any price development this year . Shortly after the market launch, there was a significant drop in prices, and little has happened since then. The iPhone 13 is younger, which is one of the reasons why not much has changed. The current situation makes it unlikely that this will change anytime soon.

If you don't need the latest model, you currently have better chances - you can find cheap smartphone bargains in our video :

If you want to buy a new smartphone, you have to take the prices as they come. A glimmer of hope: the deal season is just around the corner. This year, too, there will certainly be one or two attractive offers from dealers and manufacturers on Black Friday. For that you have to be even faster than usual, the interest will be huge.


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