Apple s surprising sales hit: We have been waiting for these photos

Apple s surprising sales hit: We have been waiting for these photos

Is it the iPhone, the new AirPods 3, or the MacBook Pro? No, because at the moment everyone wants to buy the original polishing cloth from Apple. So far, there have only been little revealing pictures of the hot object of desire from Apple itself, but now we are receiving the first real photos.

You could take it as a joke, but Apple has actually been selling its own cleaning cloth for a "cheap" 25 euros for a few days. To the surprise, the bizarre part becomes an absolute box-office hit. If you order now, you have to wait more than two months and will probably not get the fine cloth until next year. You don't even have to expect such long delivery times with the iPhone 13.

Apple's polishing cloth: This is what Apple's new hit looks like

However, the pictures of the polishing cloth in Apple's online store were and are not very informative. So many customers buy into the blue. Now, however, the first copies are reaching the customers and they are sharing real photos of Apple's latest surprise hit (source: Karagana on Twitter).

The cloth comes in a fairly large outer box as packaging, which can be easily opened on the side. The polishing cloth is then stuck in it like in a small handbag. What stands out: The cleaning rag looks much darker in the photos than in the official product images - a rich gray. The Apple logo is subtle, yet concise.

Classic instructions are not included, but a box with a single set of instructions in several languages. Apple writes:

"Safe for use on all Apple displays and surfaces. A 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) solution can be used for the occasional cleaning of hard-to-remove stains on nanotextured glass. "

So we still do not find out what material the polishing cloth is actually made of. Apple only mentions that the cloth is made of "soft, abrasion-free material" .

Dealers also include it in their range

By the way: The first authorized dealers are now also listing Apple's polishing cloth. For example, we can find it at Cyberport for 25 euros (see Cyberport). But we won't get it any faster. The delivery date is currently January 6th - too late for Christmas.


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