Apple One Premium - Costs, Benefits & Included Services

Apple One Premium - Costs, Benefits & Included Services

With "Apple One", Apple is offering a combination package of their various streaming subscriptions and services at a discounted price. You can find out here on xiaomist which services are included in "Apple One", what the all-in-one subscription costs and what else you need to consider.

"Apple One" is a subscription bundle that should appeal to anyone interested in Apple. Regardless of whether you currently only use one or all of Apple's services - either you get a lot more for a small surcharge, or you save money if you use everything together in one package. The service can even be of interest to people who do not use a complete Apple ecosystem at home.

"Apple One" (Family / Premium): Services & Costs

In Germany, the music streaming service "Apple Music" , the film and series streaming service "Apple tv +" , the game subscription "Apple Arcade" and "iCloud" storage are included in "Apple One". The "Apple One Premium" subscription, which will start on November 3, 2021, also includes the new "Apple Fitness +" service.

As an individual , the service costs 14.95 euros per month and contains 50 GB of "iCloud" storage . In the family version, you can share the benefits of the subscription with up to five other people, have 200 GB of "iCloud" storage available and pay 19.95 euros per month. The premium version is an extension of the family subscription with 2TB "iCloud +" storage and the new "Fitness +" service for 28.95 euros per month. The additional plus on the "iCloud" storage stands for the "private relay" function, with which you can surf anonymously via the Safari browser and hide your e-mail address.

For comparison: If you have previously subscribed to the services individually, you pay 20.96 euros per month as an individual, 27.96 euros for the family option and 44.95 euros for the premium option per month. With "Apple One" you can save between 6 and 16 euros, depending on the variant.

Comparison of subscriptions Subscription Apple One Individual Apple One Family Apple One Premium Content Music tv + Arcade iCloud (50 GB) Music tv + Arcade iCloud (200 GB) Music tv + Arcade iCloud + (2 TB) Fitness + User 1 6 6 Price 14.95 euros / month 19.95 euros / month 28.95 euros / month savings if applicable Single purchase approx. 6 euros / month approx. 8 euros / month approx. 16 euros / month

Requirement & devices

The Apple Services work on different devices in order to take out the "Apple One" subscription, but a device with the latest version of iOSi, PadOS or macOS is required. As soon as you have updated your Apple device, you should find the option for "Apple One" in the "Settings" under "Subscriptions".

After completing the subscription, you can then use the services on the following Apple devices:

iPhone, iPod (from iOS 14) iPad (from iPadOS14) Apple TV (from tvOS 14) Mac (with macOS)

Only the games from Apple Arcade require a suitable Apple device. You can also use the other services away from your Apple devices. You can also see the content of Apple TV + in the browser and via the app on some smart TVs and streaming devices. Apple Music even has an Android app and iCloud also works with Windows. For this reason, "Apple One" could also be of interest to users who otherwise only use competing products in addition to a Mac, Apple smartphone or tablet.

Is the subscription package worth it?

Saving money is generally good - but if you book certain services, you should of course use them regularly. The Apple Music contained in "Apple One" is essentially the same as its competitor Spotify, as the differences are limited. The cloud storage iCloud is also worth recommending, as iPhone users can store photos and backups here without having to deal with technical details.

You should take a closer look at Apple TV + and Apple Arcade: Apple TV + with its small range of films and series is neither an equal competitor to Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, nor is Apple Arcade with its focus on casual games a suitable platform for most "Hardcore" gamer. Both services are well done, but not ideal for everyone. Conclusion: Only when you can really do something with all the services in "Apple One" can you get the full savings potential out of it.


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