Apple on the road to success: New Macs hit like a bomb

Apple on the road to success: New Macs hit like a bomb

More Macs are being sold again. A good reason for Apple to be happy were it not for the fact that a PC manufacturer is visibly diminishing its important success. Of all things, an "archenemy" can increase its sales even more.

Canalys' market researchers provide up-to-date figures for the current PC business. Accordingly, more computers (desktop PCs, notebooks and workstations) were sold again in the third quarter of 2021 (July to September) than in the same period a year ago. The important market thus achieved growth of 4.9 percent . Apple also benefits from this, but only comes in second in terms of growth (source: 9to5Mac).

Apple is selling more Macs, but Dell is growing even faster

Apple was able to sell 14.4 percent more Macs (7.82 million) than in the same period of the previous year and thus grow disproportionately to the market, but competitor Dell grew even more. The PC manufacturer from Texas is increasing its sales by a full 26.7 percent and has a market share of 18.1 percent. For Apple and the Mac, 9.3 percent are currently left. Overall, Apple ranks 4th worldwide, followed by Lenovo, HP and finally Dell in 1st and 3rd places.

Apple's last Mac novelty of 2021 in the video :

The industry could actually have grown even more, but the persistent procurement problems are and will remain noticeable. In the analysis it says:

"The disruption in the global supply chain and logistics network is still the main obstacle to higher growth in the PC market. More than a year after the pandemic broke out, production continues to be hampered by closings and other COVID-19-related restrictions, particularly in Asia. Add to this a massive slowdown in global transportation, with freight prices and delay times skyrocketing as a number of industries compete to meet unsatisfied demand. It is expected that the supply bottleneck for PCs will last well into 2022, with a considerable number of orders not being fulfilled in this year's holiday season. "

Buy Christmas gifts early

The market researchers are warning of delivery bottlenecks in the Christmas business . So if you don't want to go empty-handed under the tree, you should perhaps shop early this year and not wait for the last minute.

Worth mentioning: Apple itself will publish official figures for the third quarter on October 28, 2021 and possibly introduce new products beforehand. The new MacBook Pro 2021 in particular is long overdue and many customers are looking forward to it with anticipation.


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