Apple madness: the new MacBook Pro even overtakes the PlayStation 5

Apple madness: the new MacBook Pro even overtakes the PlayStation 5

Together with the MacBook Pro 2021, Apple also presented new processors. With the M1 Max, the group has once again outdone itself - and also put the competition in the shade. When it comes to graphics performance, even the PlayStation 5 can pack up.

Apple: New processor overtakes PlayStation 5

Sony is not a direct competitor for Apple's MacBooks with its PlayStation 5 console, but the recently introduced M1 Max processor is likely to cause sweaty sweats in Japan. According to the first benchmarks, Apple's processor has not only caught up with the PS5 in terms of graphics performance , it has even overtaken it . In a direct comparison, the Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card also comes off worse than Apple's new super processor.

The graphics unit of the M1 Max, which is used in a variant of the new MacBook Pro (16 inch), offers a performance of up to 10.4 teraflops if 32 cores are used (source: Notebookcheck). With Sony's PlayStation 5 it is slightly less with 10.28 teraflops. The Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card achieves 10.07 teraflops. In addition, Apple's processor is satisfied with significantly less power.

The results look a little different when the M1 Max with 24 cores is considered. The best marks here are below those of Nvidia and Sony. This also applies to the likewise new M1 Pro processor, which can optionally be used instead of an M1 Max.

More about Apple's new processors can be found in the video :

Apple M1 Max only on the larger MacBook Pro

Apple only makes the M1 Max available in the 16-inch model of the new MacBook Pro. The group pays for the impressive performance well. To start with, the well-equipped MacBook Pro costs 3,849 euros (see Apple). And if you want a larger SSD, you pay even more. The 14-inch variant with the M1 Pro costs at least 2,249 euros.


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