Apple event in November 2021: Insider speaks out

Apple event in November 2021: Insider speaks out

The question is: Has Apple already presented all new products this year or is there anything else coming? Can we expect another Apple event in November 2021? Mark Gurman speaks up in this regard and immediately destroys all hopes.

No more Apple event in November 2021

Last year, Apple used an event in November to present the first Macs with the M1 chip. But in 2021, the news about the Mac could already be seen in October. Apple insider and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is correspondingly skeptical. He doesn't expect another Apple event in November or this year in general - Apple has finished (source: Mark Gurman via MacRumors).

So if you hoped for more new Apple computers apart from the new MacBook Pro, you will now be disappointed. Instead, Gurman expects a number of new Macs in 2022 . Specifically, he names the MacBook Air, for example. Gurman confirms the latest rumors and believes in a comprehensively redesigned notebook - including the future M2 chip.

We can also look forward to more new products. For example, a bigger iMac, a new Mac mini, a new iPhone SE and also an updated iPad Pro. But this year we don't see any more of that.

That's it for 2021 - the MacBook Pro 2021 ( here in the video ) was probably Apple's last new product this year:

Chip crisis puts pressure on Apple's Christmas business

In our estimation, Gurman's analysis appears correct. We don't expect another Apple event either. However, the iPhone manufacturer liked to use the last few months of the year again and again to introduce new devices "in the hand". An event was not required for this, a press release was sufficient. For example, we remember December 2020 when Apple surprisingly pulled the AirPods Max out of its hat. In this respect: never say never.

But the most important products are ticked off. The manufacturer will and must now concentrate on manufacturing. A major challenge in the face of the global chip crisis. In the end, it will probably come down to Apple being able to manufacture fewer iPhones, iPads and Macs than they could sell during the important Christmas business. If you want to give away something from Apple, you should buy it now at the latest.


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