Android users are happy: WhatsApp gets a long-awaited innovation

Android users are happy: WhatsApp gets a long-awaited innovation

WhatsApp for newer Android phones is finally getting a function that has already been activated on the iPhone and newer Samsung smartphones. This time, Google made the announcement, which is rather unusual. But there is also a good reason for this.

WhatsApp: data transfer from iPhone to Android phone possible

In September WhatsApp first introduced a function with which you can move from the iPhone to certain Samsung smartphones. When changing your smartphone, you no longer have to sacrifice your entire WhatsApp history with chats, photos and videos. Unfortunately, the function has been severely limited so far . That is now changing because Google has announced that this option will be expanded:

From now on, WhatsApp can no longer only be used to move from the iPhone to certain Samsung smartphones, but also to all Pixel devices. The new function comes at exactly the right time, because the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will launch tomorrow. So if you have an iPhone and want to use a Pixel 6 now, you don't have to leave your WhatsApp data behind . We'll tell you in the test whether the switch to a Pixel 6 Pro is worthwhile.

In addition, Google has announced that the new function will also work on all future Android smartphones that will be launched directly on the market with Android 12 . So if you switch from the iPhone and buy a Xiaomi 12 in the future, which will probably appear with Android 12, you can take your WhatsApp data with you. The data transfer becomes part of Android 12 and no longer has to be specially integrated by the manufacturers.

We'll tell you more WhatsApp tricks that you need to know in the video :

Data transfer from WhatsApp only by cable

As with Samsung smartphones, the data is only transmitted via cable. You have to connect the iPhone and a Pixel or Android 12 cell phone directly to each other. Unfortunately, it does not work via the cloud or a wireless connection . There might be a restriction somewhere that doesn't make that possible. But even so, it's better than nothing. If you want to switch, you don't have to leave your WhatsApp data behind.


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