Android 12L presented: Google fulfills a great wish for us

Android 12L presented: Google fulfills a great wish for us

Google recently launched Android 12, a new operating system for smartphones. For years, however, a product category has simply been left behind with tablets, which with Android 12L is finally getting the attention it deserves. But that's not all.

Android 12L: Google's new operating system for tablets and folding phones

Since Android 3.0 Honeycomb from 2011 basically nothing has been done in Google's mobile operating system to optimize Android for tablets. Therefore, manufacturers had to do it themselves and adapted Android independently. That changes with Android 12L (source: Google). As more and more manufacturers are building Android tablets and foldable smartphones with large screens are becoming more popular, Google has now presented an Android version that has been adapted for this purpose .

Google is pursuing a strategy similar to that of Apple. Android 12 is the iOS for smartphones. Android 12L is the iPadOS for tablets, but also folding phones . So you no longer have a uniform operating system for smartphones and tablets, but split the operating system into two areas. Accordingly, the display is divided into the notifications and quick settings, for example:

Google also integrates real multitasking into Android 12L, with which you can use two apps at the same time, and a taskbar in which you can store your app:

None of this is new . Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and other smartphone manufacturers have already developed their own solutions that make this possible. For the first time, however, Google is integrating these functions directly into the operating system so that everyone can access them.

In the video we show you the innovations of Android 12:

When will Android 12L appear for tablets and folding smartphones?

The Lenovo P12 Pro will be the first Android tablet to receive a beta version of Android 12L. The release of the new operating system is planned for the beginning of 2022 . At around the same time, many manufacturers are to be planning new folding smartphones. Even Google is supposed to be working on a Pixel Fold.

Exciting times are dawning, because many manufacturers are suddenly building Android tablets again and this could induce developers to adapt their Android apps for the big screen in order to finally be able to keep up with Apple's iPad. As end customers, we can only win.


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