Android 12.1 is different: Google is realigning itself

Android 12.1 is different: Google is realigning itself

What's coming after Android 12? First looks are already directed towards the next update to the mobile operating system. With Android 12.1, Google could no longer concentrate on normal smartphones. Instead, the focus is on folding cell phones.

Android 12.1: Google has its sights on folding cell phones

It won't be long before Google officially introduces and releases Android 12. After the pre-release versions, we can already draw a fairly accurate picture of what has changed compared to Android 11. Now the first glimpses are already directed towards the future. Even before Android 13 in 2022, an intermediate version should apparently provide new functions .

If the experts from XDA Developers have their way, then Google will focus primarily on larger foldable cell phones with Android 12.1. A few improvements can be expected here with Android 12, but the next Android version will not be in full swing.

A new taskbar will be introduced with Android 12.1, which will simplify multitasking with folding smartphones . The use of several apps at the same time makes sense, especially with larger screens, as more space is available. Improvements can also be expected with the split screen. The lockscreen should also make better use of the horizontally available space, they say (source: XDA Developers).

So far, the manufacturers of foldable cell phones still have to lend a hand to adapt the user interface to the special properties of the smartphones. With Android 12.1, Google does the work for manufacturers.

In the video : That all changes with Android 12.

Android 12.1: preparation for the Pixel Fold?

The new folding functions of Android 12.1 could also help Google itself . Rumors persist that the company is working on its own foldable cell phone. Officially, however, no comments have been made on a Pixel Fold. That may change with the introduction of Android 12 and the Pixel 6 (Pro).


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