Android 12 takes over functions that have been around forever at Samsung and Huawei

Android 12 takes over functions that have been around forever at Samsung and Huawei

When it comes to new features for the Android operating system, Google is not always the inventor. Features often appear at developers or other smartphone manufacturers and Google then adopts them for its own operating system. This is exactly what is happening now with the app clone function.

Android 12 has an integrated app clone function

As of yesterday, Android 12 is officially available for the Pixel smartphones. Other manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Vivo and Xiaomi should deliver the upgrade by the end of 2021, according to Google. Although the new operating system has basically already been finally presented, a function has now appeared that was previously not in the focus at all. Google has integrated an app clone function. It is not yet active, but it could be activated later with a feature drop .

This eliminates the cumbersome route via a different profile, which makes it easier for users and manufacturers to implement the app clone feature . This function is not new. They have been on Samsung and Huawei smartphones for years. Xiaomi and other smartphone providers can also clone apps like WhatsApp and then use them with two different accounts.

But this function is not only important for smartphones. An app clone function would make perfect sense, especially with Android tablets. These devices are shared much more often , so that you can use Android 12 different apps with multiple accounts.

All new functions of Android 12 presented in the video :

Will the new function only come with Android 12.1?

Now, Google has not officially shown the app clone feature in Android 12. From December, however, beta tests should start again and by then at the latest the new function could perhaps be activated with Android 12.1. The new version should primarily be adapted to folding smartphones. But of course there will also be improvements for normal smartphones. Android 13 will not become relevant again until mid-2022, so Android 12.1 should be a good intermediate step.


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