Amazon list reveals: Android users love it undisguised

Amazon list reveals: Android users love it undisguised

Anyone who buys a high-quality smartphone wants to protect it from damage. What sounds logical seems to apply only to a limited extent to Android users. At least this conclusion can be drawn from a look at an Amazon list. Accordingly, primarily Apple customers cover their iPhone.

Amazon's bestseller lists may not always be absolutely representative, but they still reveal some trends and circumstances quite well. For example, if you take a look at the best-selling cell phone cases and covers ( view them on Amazon), you will notice something special.

Bestseller list on Amazon: Cases for Android phones hardly represented

In the first 50 places there are only three cases that are without exception not suitable for the iPhone . In 18th place, for example, a model for the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and in places 35 and 41 each a case for the Samsung Galaxy A52. All other positions are occupied by cases that are explicitly intended for the iPhone.

Who now thinks: Of course, after all, the iPhone 13 was first introduced, you have to take a closer look. Because it's not just bags and covers for the current iPhone, there are also a large number of models for older versions in Amazon's list. Ergo: By far it is the users of an Apple cell phone who want to protect themselves, while Android users prefer it uncovered .

In the summer, the case that can be seen in the video still dominated the ranking:

Possible explanation

Our justified assumption: The majority of the Android smartphones sold are likely to be significantly cheaper than an iPhone . Such a "cheap" commodity does not have to be specially protected, for most people a protective film is sufficient and good. In addition, the expensive flagship models in the Android market do not even come close to the numbers of iPhones, so the corresponding cases cannot fight their way up that far in terms of sales. Of course, this also applies to other models; the Android market is simply too fragmented.

And another "special effect": some Android manufacturers already include simple protective covers with their cell phones. This should be enough for penny pinchers. They are then stingy and don't spend any more money on another, better cover. One thing is certain: because of these developments, accessory manufacturers will preferentially focus on the iPhone in the future. For Apple users, this has an important advantage: Much more choice when it comes to the case.


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