AirPods Pro: Why Apple headphones are going to get more expensive

AirPods Pro: Why Apple headphones are going to get more expensive

Apple's portfolio of headphones is growing with the new 3rd generation AirPods. With the AirPods Pro, on the other hand, nothing seems to change. Or is it? A tiny detail could now ensure that the earphones become even more expensive in the next few weeks.

AirPods Pro vs. AirPods 3: No price difference in stores

Apple's AirPods family is growing with the new 3rd generation headphones and at first glance appears to be logically organized according to price. On paper it looks like this:

AirPods 2: 149 euros AirPods 3: 199 euros AirPods Pro: 279 euros AirPods Max: 612.70 euros

However, the prices only apply to customers who buy directly from Apple. On the other hand, if you look around in free trade, you can save a lot of money. At least this is currently still the case for the AirPods Pro. You can get them at around 200 euros and happily 80 euros cheaper in stores (see Amazon). In the end, the same price as Apple calls it for the AirPods 3 (see Cyberport). The new headphones are still too fresh for a drop in prices to be visible now. Ergo: If you can count, you currently prefer to use the AirPods Pro and not buy them directly from Apple.

The new 3rd generation AirPods offer a lot, as you can see in the video . But ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) only offers the Pro version:

AirPods Pro: "New" model from Apple with MagSafe charging case

However, they will probably become more expensive again in the next few weeks. How do we get that? The explanation: Apple is quietly changing a tiny detail in the AirPods Pro. From now on there is a MagSafe charging case in the box equivalent to the AirPods 3 . In other words, a charging case that can not only be charged wirelessly, but also locks in place magnetically correctly when using the MagSafe charging puck.

This applies to the AirPods Pro models that you currently buy directly from Apple. However, the "older" models without MagSafe are still on the market. They are currently still being offered cheaper than Apple. Sooner or later, however, retailers also have to buy the new model and then possibly offer it again at a slightly higher price. So it is very possible that there will soon be two model variants of the AirPods Pro on the market , whereby the younger one with MagSafe charging case will in all probability cost more again for the time being.

Ergo: If you want to save money, you better buy the AirPods Pro now at a low price. You can then do without the MagSafe charging case. Wireless charging is still possible, even without magnetic alignment.


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