AirPods 3: the test of patience will soon be over

AirPods 3: the test of patience will soon be over

Is the wait for the AirPods 3 finally over? Apple's new in-ear headphones will be presented to insider reports shortly. Compared to the two predecessors, buyers can expect a new design above all.

Recently, Apple surprisingly invited to a new event. On Monday, October 18th, the US manufacturer invites you under the motto "Unleashed". The introduction of a MacBook Pro is expected, but Apple could also have a surprise in store: AirPods 3.

Apple could introduce AirPods 3 at the next event

This is what a well-known insider from China claims, who had already correctly predicted the launch of Apple's 9th generation iPad. According to him, in addition to a new MacBook Pro with a more powerful M1X chip, Apple will finally present new AirPods, which the Apple world has been waiting for for a long time (source: Weibo via MacRumors)

The AirPods 3 were actually expected at Apple's September event, on which the iPhone 13 (Pro) and the new Apple Watch 7 also made their debut. To the disappointment of many Apple users, it is well known that nothing has come of this. About a month later, they can now draw new hope.

With iOS 15, all AirPods get new functions. In the video we show which exactly:

AirPods 3 with wireless charging and a new design

According to the current state of knowledge, world-shaking technical innovations are not to be expected with the AirPods 3. There is only speculation about the discontinuation of the wired option. That means in plain language : Even the standard version should be able to be charged wirelessly. A separately available charging case is required for the current AirPods. Alternatively, buyers can directly access the AirPods 2, which already include this in the scope of delivery.

Perhaps the biggest innovation is likely to affect the design of the AirPods 3. This should be based on the appearance of the current AirPods Pro and get a shorter stem and a newly shaped earpiece. Buyers will have to do without silicone tips and active noise suppression.


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