AirPods 3: Apple is catching up with Amazon

AirPods 3: Apple is catching up with Amazon

The new AirPods 3 have been officially available this week. Anyone who previously ordered online from Apple had to be patient longer than with a delivery by Amazon. This has improved, but a certain customer group at Amazon still has an advantage.

Update from October 30, 2021: The delivery times of the AirPods 3 directly from Apple are improving. If you are currently ordering, you will get the headphones just as quickly as with Amazon - at least this applies to standard orders. Prime members still have an advantage at Amazon, the goods are dispatched as quickly as possible and only need 24 hours on weekdays (view at Amazon).

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You have been able to pre-order them since last week, but the AirPods 3's official market launch was on Tuesday, October 26th. If you buy the new headphones directly from Apple, you have to bring some time with you. At least if you want to order them online and not go to a local store. If you order today, you will receive the 3rd generation AirPods at the earliest in the middle to the end of next week .

AirPods 3: In stock at Amazon, Apple takes longer

Amazon is much faster there . The world-famous online retailer has the headphones in stock at the time of the research and will deliver them tomorrow for Prime members who place an order by noon (see Amazon). Customers without the Prime Advantage will receive them at least this week - the current delivery date is Saturday.

How do the new AirPods 3 convince? In the video from Apple we get a first impression:

Incidentally, there is no price difference. At both Apple and Amazon, the new AirPods cost 199 euros - shipping costs included. If you want to save, you will have to wait a few weeks or even months until the first noticeable drop in prices occurs.

Alternative: Buy AirPods Pro without MagSafe

Perhaps the better alternative would be to quickly grab the "old" AirPods Pro. Although they do not have a charging case with MagSafe locking and offer a little less battery power, they have active noise cancellation (ANC). We are currently getting these at Saturn for 209.99 euros including delivery costs (see Saturn). At Amazon, however, the old variant is no longer available. So you shouldn't think about buying it for too long. Apple and the dealers are already selling the new version with MagSafe charging case. But then they cost just under 280 euros. Ergo: It really pays to be quick.


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