After smartphone shutdown: LG recommends this manufacturer as an alternative

After smartphone shutdown: LG recommends this manufacturer as an alternative

After LG withdrew from the smartphone business, the group has now surprisingly contacted its customers. A cell phone from the former competition is being advertised here - although this manufacturer of all people recently made fun of LG.

LG recommends the Google Pixel 5a as a replacement

LG wrote a circular to customers, which not only seems a bit surprising at first glance. There, users will be able to switch to a Google cell phone . LG customers can look forward to a discount if they choose the Pixel 5a from Google for their next mobile phone. In some regions, LG provides a voucher worth 65 US dollars for this (source: Gizchina).

The new campaign from LG is also a bit strange because Google only published a video a few days ago in which they indirectly criticized LG. Here, Google is asking whether a manufacturer of washing machines (such as LG) should really be the first choice for smartphones. The video is also titled "113 reasons why you should switch to the Google Pixel ... if the manufacturer of your old cell phone no longer makes smartphones".

It is possible that LG is now simply making a good face for the bad game . The Pixel 5a is mentioned and shown several times in the Google video - maybe LG would just like to benefit from the unexpected attention instead of just serving as a laughing stock. It is quite possible that LG will receive a small sum from Google for every Pixel 5a recommended in this way.

LG: Farewell to smartphone after a long fight

After years of struggle and increasingly poor sales figures, LG announced in April 2021 that it would withdraw completely from the smartphone market. In particular, LG was no longer able to keep up with the increased competition from China . Only in the home market of South Korea is there still a certain market share. In Germany, LG's share has now fallen to 0.8 percent.


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