A pretty fair smartphone - xiaomist headlines

A pretty fair smartphone - xiaomist headlines

This week, a smartphone was presented that is perhaps one of the most important devices, but which hardly anyone will buy: the Fairphone 4. You can find out what happened this week and what else happened in this issue of xiaomist Headlines.

Fairphone 4 presented

The Fairphone 4, which, according to its own statements, is made from recycled and fairly traded materials and is particularly easy to repair. Frank has already taken the smartphone apart, you can find the video on xiaomist.DE or our YouTube channel.

Is something defective on the device? Then you have a five-year guarantee on the one hand, and you can simply buy the necessary spare part in the Fairphone shop on the other.

A concept that we welcome in principle, unfortunately the device is quite clunky and it is only partially an eye-catcher thanks to the LC display and the recycled plastic back.

So it is perhaps more about wanting to use the device to set an example against other manufacturers who prevent the devices from being easily repaired.

iPhone 13 is harder to repair than its predecessor

In the last generations of iPhones, Apple made it unnecessarily difficult to repair the devices through software barriers. With the iPhone 12, for example, the YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys demonstrated that swapping the camera module ensures that it no longer works, even though the camera comes from a functioning, structurally identical iPhone.

As "Phone Repair Guru" has now found out, Apple is continuing on this path with the iPhone 13. In his video, he swaps the displays of two functioning iPhone 13s and the sensors for Face ID. His conclusion: Face-ID works with exchanged sensors; if the display is exchanged, face recognition can no longer be used to unlock the phone.

In short: If the display is broken, all that remains is to go to the "Genius Bar" to have the smartphone repaired at great expense, or you can simply pick up a new phone there.

But the main thing is that the charger is no longer included for the sake of the environment.

OLED switch: first models appeared

The market launch of the new Nintendo console is not due until next week.
But some were already allowed to hold the device in their hands. Among other things, the YouTuber "Nintendo Prime", who also shows in his videos how the display, which has grown from 6.2 to 7 inches, is doing.

You can see: Significantly shrunk edges and a brighter and higher-contrast display. So if you didn't have enough reasons to access the Switch so far, you have now found another.

Nintendo confirms again: No Switch Pro!

But you shouldn't hold your breath for a Switch Pro. There were some reports in the past week that the first developers have probably received a developer kit for a 4K-capable switch.
Nintendo commented on this as follows:

In order to ensure a correct understanding by our investors and customers, we would like to make it clear that this report is not true.

Topics in a fast run

New emoji in Unicode 14

The Unicode consortium has presented the new emoji for this year. This time there: a slide, a disco ball and a melting face.

Amazon presents new products

Among them: the household robot Astro. A 10-inch tablet with a mobile base that, according to its own developers, will hit the market a little early. As Vice reports, they say that the robot "falls down the next flight of stairs when it has the opportunity".
Otherwise: Many products with which one voluntarily brings cameras and microphones connected to the Internet home. What can go wrong there?

Google is the most widely used term

In the EU antitrust proceedings against Google, the company's lawyers have now carried out an analysis of the competition. Clear result: the most frequently asked search term is "Google".
The company is trying to argue that customers do choose a search engine consciously and do not simply use Google because of their strong presence on Android smartphones.

Windows 11 can already be installed now

Windows 11 will not officially start until October 5th. Anyone who doesn't want to wait any longer for Windows 11 can start the installation now. All you need is compatible hardware, access to the Windows Insider Program and a membership in the release channel. If you have everything together, you already get access to the final release version of Windows 11 today.


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