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Telegram manages what WhatsApp fails: Now it s cashing up

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the world. Now the company also wants to earn money and has announced what the advertising in Messenger will look like. WhatsApp has not managed to do that until today. Telegram soon with advertising in major channels While Facebook is still trying to figure out how to make money with Messenger after buying WhatsApp, Telegram is now one step further. The company announced last year that it would be advertising in the foreseeable future. Now it has been revealed what the advertising will look like (source: Telegram). One thing in advance: In individual chats and small groups, no advertising will be displayed for the time being. Initially, it only affects large groups with over 1,000 members . It looks like this: Telegram states that it has over 500 million active users who generate over 500 billion views in large groups with over 1,000 members. Advertisers can choose the language and topic in which the messages can appear with a ma

Google Pixel 6 (Pro): The next problems are there, this time with the camera

{Disarmed} Huawei MatePad T10s Firmware Update [AGS3-W09 (C432E2R1P1)]

The Huawei MatePad T10s will receive the next new security patch within 2 weeks. Here you get the update from October 2021. So you are up to date again. The update has a size of 210 MB, downloading it via WiFi is recommended. As always, before you start the update, back up your personal data to be on the safe side. In addition to the new security patch, this time the update does not offer any further innovations. AGS3-W09 (C432E2R1P1) Changelog List of changes This update improves system security through the use of security patches. [Safety] Integrates security patches released in October 2021 for improved system security. For more information on the security of HUAWEI's EMUI system updates, please visit the HUAWEI official website: Sources): Huawei blog The article Huawei MatePad T10s Firmware Update [AGS3-W09 (C432E2R1P1)] first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

Palm is back - but not with a smartphone

No one has heard from Palm in years. The once legendary cell phone manufacturer, to whom we owe iconic designs such as the Palm Pre or the webOS operating system, is surprisingly back. Not with a smartphone, but with the Palm Buds Pro - and they're not that bad. Palm Buds Pro: Wireless headphones with ANC at an attractive price Anyone who has not had a smartphone for a few years will surely remember the Palm. Like Nokia and Motorola, this company was world-famous for its keypad phones and its focus on business customers - until the iPhone came along. Then put everything together and Palm couldn't get up. The brand has been sold and is no longer what it used to be. It was similar for Nokia and Motorola. That's why it's not bad at all if you want to score points with a new product . Believe it or not, the wireless headphones market is worth billions. Everyone wants to be active there and have a piece of the cake. HTC first announced ANC headphones today, and now Palm

{Disarmed} GaN chargers: what they are and why they are the best option to charge your phone

Over the last few years, most manufacturers are abandoning the idea of ​​incorporating a greater number of milliamp capacity in their batteries into their devices, leading to a thicker and heavier design of the same, giving way to new technologies of fast charging that gives us a very high amount of charge in a short period of time. The biggest problem with this type of technology is the heating that is caused throughout this process, both in the charger and in the device itself. For this reason, in this post we come to talk about GaN type chargers and what are the advantages that these are capable of providing for a much more efficient and safe charging of our equipment. {"videoId":"x837eym","autoplay":true,"title":"REALME MAGDART ANÁLISIS - Así es el primer cargador MAGNÉTICO de Android"} What is a GaN type charger Before talking about what the GaN technolog

{Disarmed} Huawei’s blood pressure watch will hit the market in November

The first Huawei smartwatch that can measure blood pressure passed the medical device approval test in May. It is expected that this new watch will be officially launched this year. According to an entry on Weibo, the first Huawei watch that supports blood pressure measurements is due to hit the market in November 2021. Huawei announced three new health studies in January, including research into high blood pressure management, intelligent body temperature monitoring, and coronary heart disease screening. In addition, Huawei was looking for the first testers for the new blood pressure watch back in September . This phase now seems to be about to be completed if the watch is expected to be released in November. This new smartwatch will be called Huawei Watch D. Sources): Huawei update The post Huawei's blood pressure watch comes on the market in November first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S22 series: mass production of components is said to have started

Samsung has started mass production of components for its next flagship line of smartphones, the Galaxy S22 series. The South Korean manufacturer has ramped up the production of components for all three variants, for the Galaxy S22 (model number SM-S901), the Galaxy S22 + (SM-S906) and the Galaxy S22 Ultra (SM-S908). Mass production is said to have started as early as the middle of last week. At the moment, however, it is still limited to a few parts, such as flex cables. With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung seems to be concentrating on the production of the US version at the moment. Samsung typically starts mass production two to three months before launch, so the report is in line with rumors of a launch in early 2022. An announcement in February seems more plausible as the company is rumored to finally lift the curtain on the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE during CES 2022 , which takes place January 5-8. There are reports that the phones will be announced early next year. Some leake

{Disarmed} Waze CEO confirms that the algorithm is misleading users

Alphabet subsidiary Google not only owns Google Maps, but also Waze. Waze is a navigation app that uses algorithms based on historical traffic patterns and crowd-sourced information from users to safely guide users on the fastest route between point "A" and point "B". According to media reports from Israel, where Waze was founded, the navigation app misdirected travelers and accidentally sent some of its 1 million Israeli users straight into a traffic jam. Waze CEO Guy Berkowitz admitted, "We have a problem with the algorithm. The more people we serve, the more it affects them. The coronavirus has put us in a situation where we have to reinvent our algorithm. "This is due to the enormous increase in traffic on the country's roads. Changed traffic in Israel messed up Waze's algorithm, resulting in incorrect driving directions. There was no traffic on these roads during the pandemic. Now that the Israelis are no longer staying at home, the v

o2 deviates from the old path: This is how the 5G network is to be expanded

o2 has set ambitious goals for building its own 5G network. In four years' time, all customers in Germany should be able to use the fast mobile communications standard. Now you are making a U-turn with the basic technology. o2 wants to further expand and optimize its 5G network. Theoretically, the whole of Germany should be able to dial into the o2 5G network by 2025. To do this, the mobile phone provider relies on new technology. All-in-one antennas promise a new level for 5G In Munich, o2 has put the first "all-in-one" antennas for mobile communications into operation (source: Telefónica / o2). Not only can they support a single mobile communications standard - as was previously the case with CO2 at least - but they also cover large parts of the previous spectrum. Instead of one antenna for 2G (GSM), one for 4G (LTE) and a new one for 5G, the new devices should combine everything. The high-range frequency bands at 700 MHz for 5G, 800 MHz for 4G and 900 MHz for 2G a

Pixel 6 in the hands-on video: This is what the new Google mobile phone does

With the Pixel 6, a new era begins for Google. The Android 12 mobile phone has its own Google processor for the first time, which supports many interesting software functions in a customized manner. You can find out what we think of the Pixel 6 in the hands-on video. Pixel 6: New territory in design and hardware The sixth generation of Pixel phones could be the most important for Google. In contrast to its predecessors, a decision was made against compromises in many areas and in favor of a higher standard. This is particularly clear with the processor, because the Tensor is the first dedicated SoC in the Pixel 6. In the video you can see what the processor is capable of. Google is also breaking new ground in terms of design. The pixel 6 can still be recognized as such even from a distance. This is due to the special back , which draws attention to itself with a Vizor-like "camera hump". In addition to a main camera (50 MP), the Pixel 6 also has an ultra-wide angle (12 M

{Disarmed} Google Tensor: Second Generation (GS201) is in the works, likely for Pixel 7

New evidence suggests that, unsurprisingly, the Pixel 7 will contain a second-generation Google Tensor chip. Work on the new chip is said to have already started. The Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were officially presented and with it the new Google-owned tensor chip. The Google Tensor were developed with the help of Samsung and are optimized for Google's extensive use of machine learning. In some cases, they speed up existing functions or enable things that were previously not possible on a phone. In the investigation of apps that are contained on the Google Pixel 6, one found now indications of a new pixel-related code name, "Cloudripper". This is not the code name for the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro next year, but "Cloudripper" is the name for a base board or a developer board that shares the hardware with the two phones. A similar code name popped up earlier this year with "Slider" for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. According to the documentation view


Does poco m3 phones cut off power after it fully charged or overcharged

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Hardly anyone will make this decision

Samsung will not only present the answer to the iPhone 13 with the Galaxy S22 in a few months, but also a new high-end Android tablet beforehand. A controversial design from Apple is used before the competitor even uses it in this product category. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gets a notch With the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus, Samsung has two very successful Android tablets on the market. With the Galaxy Tab S8 series, successors have been announced for some time, whereby Samsung will be offering an even larger and technically better equipped model for the first time with an Ultra model. In addition, new details have emerged. Samsung wants to integrate a notch in the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra . According to a leaker, the tablet should then look like this: This 3D render was created on the basis of CAD drawings from production. So we see the notch on the side at the front. So you should hold the tablet in landscape format when making video calls or taking a selfie. The USB port is not

no miui 12.5 update

i have a redmi note 10 5g and i can't receive the new 12.5 update u am still stuck at 12.0.6

Mi 10t pro mute no sound

My mi10t pro happen to be mute, no start-up sound, cant play music, cant play any app that got sound play.

{Disarmed} Xiaomi has launched a new mini-heater, perfect for winter

The month of November is about to begin and the cold is feeling more and more. Thus, for the coldest users, Xiaomi has launched its new desk warmer: the Xiaomi 3Life . Xiaomi 3Life What are its characteristics? This Xiaomi heater, which has been developed in conjunction with the 3Life company (which has become known, above all, for the vaporizers launched on YouPin), has an excellent quality, without implying an excessive price. It has buttons on its side , thanks to which we can choose to radiate more or less heat, calibrating the temperature to our liking. Likewise, as it has a screen on the front, at all times we can know the temperature that has been reached . Since it has a semicircular shape , it has the possibility of heating a much larger area and in a shorter period of time. This 3Life mini round heater has dimensions of 145X145X180mm and a weight of 650 grams Finally, another of its interesting features is the option to configure more than one timer whenever we wa

iOS 15.2 in progress: What s in Apple s iPhone update?

The first major service update of iOS 15 for iPhone and iPad was barely published a few days ago, and Apple is already working on the next version number. But which new features and functions are actually in the upcoming update to iOS 15.2? The answer will not only please privacy advocates. Only a few days after the release of iOS 15.1, the announcement of iOS 15.2 or iPadOS 15.2 follows. Developers have already received the first beta version of the two system updates in the last few hours and can confirm one and the other new feature (source: MacRumors). Apple's new iPhone features in iOS 15.2 So what's in the upcoming update for iPhone and iPad? For example: App data protection report: With iOS 15.2, Apple is keeping its promise and introducing the data protection report for apps already shown at WWDC. Thanks to this feature, users can see how often apps have accessed their sensitive data such as location, photos, microphone, camera and contacts in the last seven days

PS5 (Digital Edition) + 2nd controller: The popular offer from o2 is back

Looking for a PlayStation 5 as a Christmas present? Then you are now in luck: the coveted console at o2 was sold out for a long time, now there are finally supplies again, but only as long as stocks last. We did the math and revealed whether the offer was worth it. PlayStation 5 digital edition + 2nd controller + 20 GB mobile phone tariff at o2 The PlayStation 5 is not only available again at o2 together with the "Free M" tariff, it has even become cheaper! You get the PS5 Digital Edition plus 2nd controller with Allnet and SMS flat rate with 20 GB 5G / LTE (300 Mbit / s) now for 39.99 euros per month. The PS5 consoles are only available in limited numbers . The details of the "o2 Free M" tariff at a glance Network: o2 20 GB LTE / 5G data volume (max. 300 Mbit / s) Allnet and SMS flat rate EU roaming including 24 months minimum term, 3 months notice The console bundle is also available for 5 euros more per month with the "o2 Free M Boost " and 40

{Disarmed} How to disable dark mode in certain MIUI apps

Dark mode is not well optimized in all applications . On Twitter and other applications with white backgrounds, there are certain texts that become illegible , among them the loyalty cards of supermarkets and gas stations. Throughout this article we will show you the steps you must take to deactivate it in these types of apps so that it works correctly. {"videoId":"x847rqi","autoplay":true,"title":"17 TRUCOS de MIUI 12 ¡DOMINA tu nuevo XIAOMI!"} How to disable dark mode in certain apps Despite the fact that the dark mode offers a very attractive aesthetic to our smartphone, the system also applies it to apps in which it does not work well. Following these you will be able to deactivate it in certain apps: Open " Settings ". Select the " Screen " section. Choose the " More Dark Mode options " section. Finally, you must clic

problem with mi xiaomi charging

mi xioami a redimi 9c NFC has a problem last nigth i charged it and when i unpluged it, it stil showed the battery icon like it was stil charging i thougth it was just a visual glich so i didn't think much of it, i turned the phone off and when it was off it shouwed the screen that shows when it's charging while off, i restarted it and it still continues if it was a visual glich i wouldn't write here but this prevents me from knowing if my phone is charging well or even know if its charging please help

These themes will even change the WhatsApp application of your Xiaomi

The multiple customization options offered by MIUI themes seem endless. Not only do they let you change the design of the interface of your Xiaomi, but some themes also allow you to modify the appearance of applications such as WhatsApp . In past recommendations, we talked about five essential topics to install on your Xiaomi , and also about five other topics so that your Xiaomi does not look like a Xiaomi . However, today's list is somewhat different, as we bring you topics that will completely change the WhatsApp of your Xiaomi . Five themes to completely change the WhatsApp of your Xiaomi All the themes on the list can be found in the MIUI Themes application. Just enter the name of the topic of your choice in the app's search engine and that's it. Select, download, import and apply. In case it does not appear in the search engine, it is likely that you need to change the region of your device . Do not worry because at the end of the article we will show you how t

WhatsApp hammer: For many smartphones, tomorrow is over

WhatsApp pulls the plug: A number of smartphones will no longer be supported from tomorrow, November 1st. In addition to Android oldies, which are already several years under their belt, according to media reports, comparatively new iPhones should also be included. xiaomist explains what's behind it. Despite recent data protection scandals or the excitement about the latest changes to the terms of use: WhatsApp is still a house number and is used by more than two billion people worldwide. In order to be able to continue using WhatsApp in the future, some of them will have to get a new smartphone. WhatsApp ends support for many Android smartphones From tomorrow, November 1, 2021, the Facebook subsidiary will cancel support for a whole range of Android smartphones (source: WhatsApp). All devices running Android 4.0.4 or older are affected . Conversely, this means: Android smartphones with Android 4.1 or newer can continue to send and receive WhatsApp messages. According to th

With the Lidl app you can currently save 3 cents per liter when refueling

In the Lidl app you can often find promotions where you can save a lot of money or sometimes even get something for free if you reach a certain purchase value in the market. In cooperation with Shell, Lidl is running a campaign where you can save 3 cents per liter when filling up. The maximum saving is 2.10 euros. 3 cents per liter when refueling via the Lidl app at Shell Update from October 31, 2021: Since the prices for fuel are still extremely high, we want to remind you of the Lidl campaign. You can use the app to save 3 cents per liter when refueling. Expires one month until November 26, 2021. Original article: Petrol and diesel are more expensive than ever. At the moment we cannot do without fossil fuels completely, so you are happy when you can save a few cents on refueling every now and then. Between August 16 and November 26, there is a campaign in the Lidl app with which you can save 3 cents per liter when filling up at Shell petrol stations. You can fill up with a maxi

Xiaomi launches the Redmi Watch 2 Lite by surprise in the Global market

After announcing its Redmi Smart Band Pro , Xiaomi has presented its new Redmi Watch 2 Lite by surprise in the Global market, a variant of the recently launched Redmi Watch 2 that lands in our market along with some of the most interesting features. And, this new Redmi Watch 2 Lite comes as a natural evolution of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite , incorporating a larger screen and an integrated GPS that will give you a more accurate record when monitoring outdoor sports activities. Redmi Watch 2 Lite, features and price In detail, the new Redmi Watch 2 Lite is presented next to a 1.55-inch LCD screen , whose resolution reaches 320 × 360 pixels . On this occasion Xiaomi has opted for an almost frameless design, very different from the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. Among its features, the new Redmi Watch 2 Lite has integrated GPS , Bluetooth 5.0 and 5 ATM certification so that we can use it in the pool or open sea. It also adds a 262mAh battery capable of providing a range of up to 10 days of u

Five Xiaomi products that you probably didn t know existed

Xiaomi's catalog is as varied as it is extensive. In addition to smartphones and household appliances, the company has different items that you would never think are part of its catalog , from pens and radio-controlled vehicles. In order for you to discover each of these articles, below we have compiled five products that you probably did not know existed . In addition, we have compiled their purchase links on AliExpress, so that if you like them, you can buy them. 1. A remote control Suzuki Jimny Xiaomi is an undisputed leader in technology, and although mobiles are its strong suit, the company also has an interest in toys. In fact, in case you didn't know, Xiaomi has a remote-controlled smart racing car . The 1:16 scale car Suzuki Jimny is one of Xiaomi's unknown products. The all-terrain vehicle has a Bluetooth connection to control it with an app from your mobile . You can drive the Suzuki Jimny with virtual joysticks or with the gravity sensor mode. Likewise

{Disarmed} The best MIUI themes for Halloween on your Xiaomi mobile

Bu! It is already Halloween , that holiday that some would never want to celebrate, others take the opportunity to marathon scary movies and others remember that it is really just a vulgar adaptation of the harvest festivities . You are all right, but what you do not have is your Xiaomi dress for the occasion . And with the application 'Themes' you can thematize it to your liking. The Themes app is perhaps one of the most unknown. However, we have already brought you on more than one occasion themes to change the aesthetic appearance of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, even to make it look like an iPhone or look youthful . This time we present you with a compendium of themes, dynamic wallpapers and even the most terrifying ringtones . Halloween Skull The 3MDS team is an institution in creating themes that completely edit the clock, the font, the wallpapers and even the animations of your Xiaomi. This customization

Xiaomi 11T Pro in the test: 120 watts make the difference

Xiaomi is conquering the smartphone market bit by bit. This is thanks to the price-performance hits from the range. With the Xiaomi 11T Pro, a new candidate for this designation has appeared again, which is intended to appeal to price-conscious people. You can find out how the Xiaomi 11T Pro fared in everyday life in my review. Xiaomi 11T Pro in the test: conclusion xiaomist rating: 8.1 / 10 With the Xiaomi 11T Pro, the Chinese manufacturer has created a good smartphone. You get a lot of hardware for the money . I like the display, the look, the performance, the battery life and the incredibly high charging speed. Xiaomi even includes the 120 watt power supply so that you don't have to pay extra for it, as with other manufacturers. I just think that the Xiaomi 11T Pro doesn't feel of high quality despite the chic look . It costs only 649 euros, but that is also a lot of money and you expect a slightly higher quality feel. The cell phone cannot be charged wirelessly and i