Xiaomi: New top smartphone clearly outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S21

Xiaomi: New top smartphone clearly outperforms the Samsung Galaxy S21

Xiaomi is not a company that shies away from comparison with the competition. Especially not if you are completely superior yourself. The brand new Xiaomi 11T Pro is that in the case of the charging speed and Samsung is now clearly feeling this with the Galaxy S21.

Xiaomi 11T Pro charges considerably faster

We already know that the Xiaomi 11T Pro is equipped with a 120 watt charging speed. But how much faster does the smartphone actually charge compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21? A maximum of 25 watts is possible there. In order to be able to show the difference not only in numbers, but to be able to show it a little more graphically, Xiaomi has published a funny video :

Xiaomi has filled several ball machines with tennis balls. 1 ball is always fired when the load capacity increases by 0.1 percent . With the Galaxy S21 with 25 watt charging function, tennis players can of course easily keep up. A ball machine is enough to keep the pace.

In contrast, Xiaomi has to turn on three ball machines for the 11T Pro to reflect the charging speed of 120 watts with the tennis balls. In that case, the tennis player just can't keep up because so many tennis balls are fired in a short time. While the Galaxy S21 just reached 5 percent charge status, the Xiaomi 11T Pro is already at 30 percent. The Xiaomi mobile phone is fully charged in just 17 minutes . The Samsung smartphone is far behind and takes more than an hour.

Our first impression of the Xiaomi 11T Pro in the video :

Xiaomi includes a 120 watt power supply

If you want to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 quickly, you have to buy a power adapter yourself. Only the cable is included in the scope of delivery. This is different with the Xiaomi 11T Pro. The Chinese company even includes the 120 watt power supply . So you can use the quick charge function directly. This fast charging doesn't harm the battery either - at least that's what Xiaomi claims. Time will tell if this is really true.


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