Xiaomi: New feature makes Android phones more secure

Xiaomi: New feature makes Android phones more secure

Android smartphones are generally considered unsafe. Xiaomi wants to change that and is planning a new mode for its devices, which seal them off much more than is actually intended for an Android device. Memories of Apple iOS are awakened. But it's not that bad.

Xiaomi develops "Pure Mode" for smartphones

Things could hardly be better for Xiaomi at the moment. The Chinese company sells countless smartphones and is conquering more and more markets. During development, however, you don't just focus on the hardware, but also on the software. Xiaomi is now testing "Pure Mode" in China. This severely restricts the freedoms of Android .

In "Pure Mode" you can not install APKs from external sources (source: PhoneArena). You can then only get apps and games via the official store on your Android smartphone. This is exactly the case with iOS. There apps and games are only available from the App Store. Xiaomi wants to make Android smartphones more secure, as malware can no longer be played on the phones via APK.

The new "Pure Mode" is optional. It can be switched on and off again as required . That applies at least currently and during the test period. Of course, we cannot know how things will develop in the future. Xiaomi would be wrong if you suddenly seal the cell phones. Presumably you just want to offer an additional function so that you can activate it in certain cases.

Xiaomi shows in the video how incredibly fast a smartphone can be charged:

New "Pure Mode" initially in China

Xiaomi is initially testing the new software in China. It is currently not known whether it will be launched internationally. Microsoft had made a similar attempt with Windows 10 S. The Windows operating system should be more secure, as you could only install software from the store. In the end, the idea was given up and you could switch to a full Windows 10 free of charge.

Such a function would make sense on devices for people who are not allowed to install anything else on their smartphones. Use on children's smartphones would also be conceivable.


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