Xiaomi mijia Vacuum Cleaner and Mapping 2 Pro launched in China

Xiaomi has launched a new product called the Xiaomi Meiju Vacuum Cleaner and Mapping Robot 2, and has expanded its product line under the mijia brand. The product will be available for pre-sale in China starting September 1 for 2,399 yuan ($ 371).

The vacuum cleaner comes with a professional water electrolyzer that can electrolyze tap water into disinfected water and supports 10,000 high-frequency sound waves per minute to clean the floor. Majia adds that this vacuum cleaner is designed for floor cleaning and repeatedly simulates hand cleaning and wet wipes in both directions.

Xiaomi's 2 Megia Vacuum Cleaner Robot is equipped with an X-CrossAI multi-dimensional stereo obstacle detection system. This device has two CPU + GPU processors that make map making and scheduling intelligent routes more efficient.

This Xiaomi mijia vacuum cleaner robot comes with a new LDS laser guidance system and is equipped with a large 500 mm independent dust box and a two-in-one water tank.

It is also equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) and, without having to manually differentiate and name the room, detects the type of room and suggests the appropriate suction and volume of water according to the type of ground.

It also has upgraded algorithms so that the product can detect more objects, better map the route, and prevent clogging and collisions with obstacles, as well as getting stuck in wires.

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