Xiaomi launches air purifier 4 Pro Mijia

Xiaomi has launched the Megia 4 Pro air purifier in China. This product is a replacement for the 3rd air purifier that was launched in 2019. The new air purifier starts at 1,299 yuan ($ 200) but later sells for 1,499 yuan ($ 232).

Megia 4 Pro air purifier has several upgrades with the aim of efficiently removing aldehydes and performing deodorant, antibacterial and antiviral functions. This device relies on the design of 360-degree ambient air inlet and provides a maximum of 8330 liters of clean air per minute, which is equivalent to 10 square meters of space in a child's room.

Filter element The 4 Pro Megia air purifier has a large surface area of ​​filter paper and uses a high-precision 5-layer laminating structure. Compared to the previous model, the opened surface of the filter paper has increased by 4000 square centimeters. This device can effectively filter dust, pet hair, pollen or PM2.5 particles and also absorb bad odors.

The aldehyde removal capacity of the filter element is also increased by 185%. The removal of formaldehyde in one hour is 95.37% and the removal of toluene in one hour is more than 96%, which can effectively prevent the spread of invisible toxic gases in the house.

The air purifier also has a dual antibacterial and antiviral coating that is resistant to H1N1, Staphylococcus aureus, Eucalyptus and other pathogens up to 99.99 and can inactivate bacteria and viruses.

The Mijia 4 Pro air purifier also performs well in sound processing. Its operating noise is only 33 decibels, which is more than 10 decibels lower than the Chinese standard for nighttime sound. Even if you turn it on all night, it will not disturb the sleeping child.

It also has a protective grille on top that protects users from direct access to the fan blades. This grill can be detached to clean the fan blades and prevent secondary contamination. The 4 Pro air purifier also has a concise and clear interactive OLED display that can display PM2.5 data in an instant. Its three-color light strip directly shows the indoor air quality and can also show you the status of the filter element, the lid of the device and the grill at a glance.

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