Xiaomi follows suit: the weakness of cheap smartphones is eliminated

Xiaomi follows suit: the weakness of cheap smartphones is eliminated

Xiaomi smartphones are extremely popular in Germany. To ensure that it stays that way, the Chinese manufacturer reacts to the wishes of buyers, but also to the competition. The cheaper Redmi smartphones should also receive IP certification, as Samsung recently demonstrated with the Galaxy A series.

Xiaomi is planning Redmi smartphones with IP68 certification

Most Android smartphones in the high-priced segment are waterproof and also have IP certification. Xiaomi does without it with its own smartphones. That should change more and more bit by bit. The Chinese company is probably planning a Redmi smartphone that is IP68 certified (source: GizmoChina). These models are usually a little cheaper than the normal Xiaomi phones , so it is astonishing that this feature can be found there.

The new Redmi mobile phone should not only be waterproof and protected against dust, it can also be charged quickly with 120 watts. Stereo speakers should also be installed. It is speculated that this is the Redmi K40 Ultra, which could appear in Germany as the Xiaomi 11T Pro . Should that really be the case, the Xiaomi 11T Pro would be a much better smartphone than the normal Xiaomi 11 Pro, which does without these features. In addition, the price-performance ratio should be right. But it can also be that only the Chinese model has this characteristic.

Xiaomi has already confirmed that the 11T Pro can be charged with 120 watts. Further details could be teased before the final presentation. If Xiaomi makes the 11T Pro really waterproof, we can actually assume that the Xiaomi 12 smartphones will also have this property and will finally catch up with Apple and Samsung.

Xiaomi not only develops smartphones, but also robots. In the video you can see the first model:

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro: Presentation on September 15th

We'll find out by September 15th at the latest whether something is true about the rumors. If Xiaomi starts waterproofing its smartphones now, another difference to Samsung and Apple phones would be off the table .


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