Xiaomi does not learn: the Xiaomi 11T do not have a proximity sensor either

Beyond the endless failures of MIUI we find the despair that many users of terminals like the POCO F3 live . This is mainly due to the absence of a proximity sensor, giving rise to continuous problems related to audio playback or even making a simple call .

Devices like the POCO F3 or the Redmi Note 10 Pro lack a proximity sensor. Instead they have an intelligent software system developed by Elliptic Labs , capable of emulating the operation of a physical sensor, although not in the best way.

This emulation software has proven to be totally nefarious and I tell you this from experience . In my personal case, I bought the POCO F3 when it was launched and after infinite attempts to calibrate its proximity sensor and perform all kinds of "tricks" I gave up due to the impossibility of making a simple call in a normal way.

Xiaomi has not learned the lesson

Unfortunately, the new Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro also lack a proximity sensor , including the same software based on artificial intelligence that Elliptic Labs has developed for other smartphones of the company and that to date continue to give problems.

Xiaomi no aprende: los Xiaomi 11T tampoco cuentan con sensor de proximidad. Noticias Xiaomi A

Of course, at the moment it is unknown if the same problems that we find in other terminals are being repeated in the new Xiaomi 11T Series . We can only wait until next September 23, the date of its official launch, to see how they behave.

What is clear is that Xiaomi has not learned its lesson. If something goes wrong, you have to change it or at least present an important change to the world, showing that it has been corrected . It is seen that the rumors around a change of developer of proximity sensors have not yet become a reality and for now we will have to wait.

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