Xiaomi counters: These smartphones receive Android updates for 4 years

Xiaomi counters: These smartphones receive Android updates for 4 years

Samsung has presented its excellent update policy for smartphones, and Xiaomi is now following suit. Selected cell phones are to receive Android updates for four years. The update promise of the Chinese manufacturer is not quite as extensive.

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro receive updates for four years

Samsung has proven that despite countless Android smartphones on the market, you can also offer a good update policy. Monthly updates are distributed in front of Google, major system updates also come regularly. And not only for high-end smartphones, but also for the middle and entry-level classes. Xiaomi is not quite that far yet. The Chinese company is currently promising three system updates and four years of security updates for the upcoming Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro.

Xiaomi has recognized that its own Android smartphones are being used longer and therefore wants to provide users with updates for longer. In the current case, you have to buy the update guarantee , because so far it is not retroactive. If you want a four-year update, you have to buy one of the upcoming Xiaomi 11T or Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphones.

The company knows, of course, that many owners of older generations of Xiaomi smartphones want to receive Android updates for longer . You see this as a challenge and want to try to fulfill the wishes, says Albert Shan, Head of Product & Technology, Xiaomi International, in the press release. According to him, it is "not an easy task for the Xiaomi team to provide system updates and security patches for all previous smartphone models".

Android 12 is coming soon. In the video we show you what is changing:

How fast do the Android updates get on Xiaomi smartphones?

Xiaomi has said that the 11T and 11T Pro will receive Android updates for four years , but it remains an open question how fast and how often the updates will be distributed . Whether you distribute monthly updates quickly, as with Samsung, or only roll them out every three months, is not known and Xiaomi does not say anything about that.

Basically, Xiaomi's announcement is of course very positive. If the updates appear quickly, that is a very small step in the right direction. Samsung is and will remain inviolable in this area. Xiaomi still has a lot to improve on. The Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro will be officially presented on September 15th.


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