Xiaomi confirms which will be the processor of its new Xiaomi CIVI

After all kinds of rumors that placed the Xiaomi CIVI as a smartphone equipped with a MediaTek processor, the company has confirmed through its social networks which will be the chip that will give life to this new terminal .

Finally, the Snapdragon 778G will be the processor that we will see inside the Xiaomi CIVI, being capable of reaching 2.4GHz and offering great graphics performance thanks to its integrated Adreno 624L GPU.

Xiaomi CIVI, its battery would not live up to expectations

In addition to having officially confirmed which will be the Xiaomi CIVI processor, the company has also told us about its autonomy. On this occasion, Xiaomi has decided to add a 4,500mAh battery to its new smartphone, probably less than expected.

Xiaomi confirma cual será el procesador de su nuevo Xiaomi CIVI. Noticias Xiaomi A
Official poster of the Xiaomi CIVI confirming to have the Snapdragon 778G

Of course, the capacity of this battery would have been reduced in order to achieve a lightweight terminal whose thickness is less than that of other models of the company . Exactly the Xiaomi CIVI will have a weight of just 166 grams and a thickness of 6.98mm .

In short, the Xiaomi CIVI promises to become a very interesting terminal, especially for those looking for good photographic quality and sufficient performance for day-to-day tasks. On September 27 we will know all its details and most importantly, its price.

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