Xiaomi: China manufacturer has more power over smartphones than you think

Xiaomi: China manufacturer has more power over smartphones than you think

Xiaomi smartphones are becoming more and more popular, but that also has disadvantages. The Chinese company has a way of remotely rendering any Android smartphone in the group unusable.

Xiaomi can lock cell phones remotely

While Xiaomi smartphones are conquering Europe and enjoying extremely great popularity, the devices are not allowed to be sold in certain countries because certain import bans apply there. These include, for example, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Crimea, reports XDA. If you try to activate a Xiaomi mobile phone with a SIM card, the result is that the mobile phone is completely blocked .

Xiaomi is consistently enforcing regulations and wants to prevent imports from gaining popularity . This can become a problem for certain manufacturers, especially when there are import bans. Xiaomi is playing it safe here.

We may not care about that at first, but it shows that Xiaomi apparently has full access to every Android smartphone and can simply block it if necessary. Currently, the lock only affects crisis regions, but could also apply to imports in the future. In the past, Xiaomi phones could only be imported from China. Some devices are still only available there.

Should Xiaomi want to stop the import, one could prevent the use of a Xiaomi cell phone, which is actually only intended for China, when using a German SIM card. As far as we know, this is currently not being done. However, the company has the option of doing this, as the current cases show.

In the video we show you a Xiaomi cell phone that will probably not come to Germany:

Buy Xiaomi smartphones only in and for Germany

So if you want to buy a Xiaomi smartphone, you should do so in Germany and make sure that the mobile phone is intended for our region. We don't believe that the Chinese manufacturer will suddenly switch off imported smartphones from China in Germany, but almost all models are available here and why then take the risk?


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