Xiaomi backtracks and explains why it blocked its smartphones in some countries

A few days ago Xiaomi began blocking some of its smartphones in order to prevent illegal importation into certain countries. Markets such as Cuba or Iran were affected by an unprecedented blockade , leaving a large number of users unable to use their devices.

This blocking, as explained by a company spokesperson through Global Time , was aimed at combating sales of the so-called "gray market" and thus protecting the security of user data and especially their privacy.

Xiaomi backtracks with the blocking of its smartphones

Fortunately, this measure has not gone ahead and although Xiaomi's intention has been to prevent the sale of its products in the form of unauthorized imports, the blockades initiated in Cuba have been reversed .

Xiaomi da marcha atrás y explica por qué bloqueo sus smartphones en algunos países. Noticias Xiaomi A
Lock message on Xiaomi devices

For this, as we can read through the Cuban newspaper portal, simply connected the blocked mobile device to a WiFi network, it is automatically unlocked , allowing its use in a completely normal way.

In this way, Xiaomi backs down from a most controversial measure , especially in countries like Cuba where practically the only way to get hold of a company mobile is through this type of imports considered "unauthorized".

In addition, as explained by the company, it was only a "temporary blockade" in order to investigate illegal imports in certain countries and thus improve their service ...

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