With Aldi through Germany: Discounter is breaking new ground

With Aldi through Germany: Discounter is breaking new ground

Aldi has never done this before: For the first time, the discounter is offering Deutsche Bahn tickets in its branches. The campaign starts tomorrow and only runs for a few days. Aldi is pursuing a very specific purpose.

Sustainable and environmentally conscious travel is becoming more and more important in times of climate change. The discounter heavyweight Aldi knows that and has therefore teamed up with Deutsche Bahn (source: press portal).

Train tickets available for a short time from Aldi

Between September 20 and September 25 (or while supplies last), Aldi will be offering Deutsche Bahn tickets in all of its branches. They cost 49.90 euros and include two single journeys within Germany in 2nd class on DB long-distance trains . The travel period is flexible: anything is possible between September 27 and December 11, 2021. Friday is an exception.

"By working with Deutsche Bahn, we encourage our customers to travel in an environmentally conscious way and get them on the rails at the usual low ALDI price," says Aldi manager Peter Grebarsche.

In fact, traveling by train is much more environmentally and climate-friendly than traveling by plane, for example. On long journeys, according to the Tagesspiegel, a train journey generates 32 grams of greenhouse gas per person and kilometer. The car weighs 147 grams, and the airplane even 230 grams .

In the video we reveal some interesting facts about Aldi:

Some restrictions must be observed

Aldi train tickets can be purchased from September 20 to 25 in all Aldi South and North branches of the discounter - while stocks last. They contain two booking codes for a single journey within Germany on long-distance trains (ICE / IC / EC) in 2nd class. A maximum of 10 tickets are issued per customer.

Deutsche Bahn points out that bookings can be excluded on individual trains in which there is not a sufficient number of seats. A combination with a BahnCard discount or other discounts is not possible. Exchanges and refunds are also excluded. The train journey can be started between September 27 and December 11, 2021, with the exception of Fridays. Once booked, there is a train connection.


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