WhatsApp: New function helps you save hard cash

WhatsApp: New function helps you save hard cash

WhatsApp wants to become more attractive for companies and earn money with it. So that the users of the messenger also benefit from it, a function has been integrated that will save money in the future when shopping via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tests the cashback function

If you want to save money while shopping, look for vouchers, discounts or good deals beforehand. Another possibility is to be added in the future. WhatsApp is currently testing a cashback function. Just like with a classic cashback campaign from manufacturers, you are rewarded for buying directly via the messenger and get something back of the purchase value or an additional discount for the next purchase. The exact details are not yet known.

It is clear, however, that WhatsApp not only wants to bring companies into the messenger in order to make communication with users more direct, but also to enable certain offers only in WhatsApp. The big advantage in Messenger is that you can reach people directly . You don't have to trust an algorithm that selects the right clientele for you. If you send out an offer, it ends up directly with the users and will be seen in any case.

It is not known exactly when WhatsApp will activate the new function for all users worldwide. A first campaign has been discovered so far in India , where the payment function via the messenger is already active. In order to implement all of this, WhatsApp naturally has to enter into various partnerships with financial institutions and companies. So it could take a while before the possibilities are available everywhere.

We show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp in the video :

WhatsApp is getting more and more extensive

WhatsApp has received countless new functions, especially in the last few months. Soon it will be possible to use the messenger on several devices at the same time. The company has been working on this for a long time, because Messenger was never designed for it.


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