WhatsApp changes how you react to messages

WhatsApp changes how you react to messages

This step is unexpected. WhatsApp will soon introduce a new way to reply to messages you've received. The idea with reactions is not new, but the implementation in Facebook's Messenger comes out of nowhere.

WhatsApp: reactions to messages come

A lot is happening at WhatsApp at the moment. Facebook is introducing more and more new features that are more or less useful. Now a new way of replying to messages has been discovered. In the future, you will be able to send a reaction in the form of an emojis .

You know that from many other messengers, including of course from Facebook, Twitter and Co. If you like a message, you can give a thumbs up or a heart. Exactly something like this should also come to WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp has already introduced a notification stating that you are using an old version of the messenger that does not yet support any reactions. In order to be able to see reactions to messages, you have to install a new version of the messenger .

How exactly the reactions to messages then work is not known in detail. Presumably you will have to hold down the message longer and then a selection of emojis will appear that you can send in response. More details will surely emerge in the coming weeks.

In the video we show you the best alternatives to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp will soon be completely rebuilt

The multi-device support will probably be activated before the reactions to messages are introduced in WhatsApp. It is already being tested and should be finalized soon. This means that WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices at the same time with just one number. Special apps for tablets such as the iPad are already being planned so that the new feature can be fully enjoyed.


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