WhatsApp: The biggest disadvantage of voice messages is eliminated

WhatsApp: The biggest disadvantage of voice messages is eliminated

A lot of information about WhatsApp has been surfacing recently regarding features that are about to be introduced. Some of these make more sense than others. It has now been announced that WhatsApp wants to change voice messages. This is of particular benefit to users who cannot listen to their voice messages.

WhatsApp: Voice messages are converted to text

If you don't want to type on WhatsApp, you can simply send voice messages. A very practical function as it makes communication much easier in certain situations. There is only one problem. The recipient can not always listen to the messages . This is exactly where a new function is being tested, reports WABetaInfo.

In fact, the WhatsApp professionals have discovered a new function with which the smartphone's voice recognition can convert the WhatsApp voice message into text . Then it looks like this:

So if you receive a voice message in WhatsApp in the future and for whatever reason you cannot listen to it, you will be able to convert the voice message into text. The technology of the smartphone is probably used for this , i.e. from Apple or Google. That should already work quite well.

So far, the new function has only appeared on iOS for iPhones. The WhatsApp pros say, however, that all functions will also be available for Android smartphones at some point . It can therefore be assumed that the transcription will be available to all users.

We show you many WhatsApp functions in the video that you can already use:

New WhatsApp function still in development

Even if WABetaInfo has already been able to try out the new WhatsApp function on an iPhone, it is not yet available to all users. It is currently under development and will be unlocked at an as yet unknown date .


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